Abdelhady Araby 29 years old graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University

Abdelhady Araby 29 years old graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University

The business development manager at Aumet in Egypt Abdelhady Araby

One of the most important figures in pharmacy management is the best example of success and continuity.

Abdelhady Araby 29 years old graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University. His start in the field of pharmacy management was during the training period where he was interested in problems. He found more than Business Problem tried to solve them among these problems. The problem of Ordering was that the pharmacist knows his purchases and follows them and works good replacement for his store.

He was also interested in student activities during his school term where Science President was in "عشانك يا بلدى" at Cairo University , "STP" and more than  one activity and activities that have grown within it the Consistency and he has always been convinced that man can deliver no matter how few possibilities he has the right vision that he can build on will help him with continuity as well as what helped him the most that once he found the idea he started studying the field of entrepreneurship he started reading in the management as well as he was interested in incubation programs.

Abdelhady founder and CEO worked at platform one, a start-up company that was in incubation program named FEBS of Cairo University They're graduated from the second cycle and that's one of the things that helped him the most. It is a company whose idea is to work an easier way for the pharmacist instead of writing what the pharmacy lacks in a book and then contact the suppliers for the work of the order That means that he can ask for what he lacks through Appliquation and choose from what he lacks like any online store, and that's where he started working on the idea, and after a year, it was a great success. Then they got acquisition from Aumet and then Abdel Hadi shareholder at Aumet in Egypt, he now works as a country manager (business development manager)

Egypt; Aumet has branches in three countries of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

When talking about the secret of his success, Abdul Hadi said about the continuity and speed of return after failure as well as a great sentence he believes in: "Firmness is key and also to find the right team."

During our dialogue, he spoke about his goals and his outlook for the future. He hopes to understand the digital transformation of pharmacies to facilitate life and ensure the speed of the pharmacy's capital cycle in a better way through the services provided by his organization.

The most useful motivation in his field is the personal motivation that many people have experienced is the difficulty in obtaining medication for many reasons and then they turn to looking for imported medicines and stay long until they find them. That's why he looked at this subject more, found that the problem is not in the pharmacy, but the problem is that the drugs reach the pharmacies, and that was his biggest motivation. The second motivation is his pursuit of success and continuity and after what he tried in the job he preferred to start his own work.

At the end of the dialogue, Abdelhady advised young people to have a dream and start the first step without wasting time in thinking and focusing on achieving it. Because the beginning is or a step to achieve anything and remains faithful to something that he wants to achieve, because that is the most important reason to reach the goal.