"Abrar Atta's Story: A Leader of change."

"Abrar Atta's Story: A Leader of change."

Abrar was able to turn difficulties into opportunities and inspire others to its successes.

Abrar Mohamed Atta, aged 29, studied at the Faculty of specific education Department of Mass Communications.

She received a master's degree and a psychologist diploma from Ain Shams University.

She currently works as a owner and founder at TUBA`s brand.

She began her journey with her love and passion for fashion, psychology and also her love for children.

Most of those around her were always impressed and wondered about her test in clothes, and where she bought it because of her exquisite elegance.

She had a very good test and always dreamed of designing her clothes herself, but she did not have the necessary possibilities to work in the fashion field.

Her passion for the fashion industry stems from her belief that this field is inherently linked to femininity. She sees femininity as beauty and elegance, always maintaining a delicate appearance within the boundaries that align with her religious beliefs. This means that there is no contradiction in combining graceful beauty with modesty. This is something she has always strived for.

She believes that it's not necessary to wear extremely tight or loud outfits to look attractive as a woman. Instead, she can dress beautifully and modestly at the same time.

In addition to that, her passion for children grew stronger, leading her to work as a teacher in a school to teach and care for them. She worked in several very international schools due to her Quranic education credentials. 

Despite the challenges, teaching and caring for children became her greatest interesting in life, as she had a deep passion for interacting with them. She felt they resembled something in her personality and touched her soul.

She got married and gave birth to a daughter named Raqia, whom she loves to call her beautiful Raqia.

Raqia wasn't just Abrar's daughter; she considered her as her best friend. From the first day accompanying her on her journey, it felt as if they were connected. Even when Abrar faced numerous problems and worries, Raqia was always comforting, kind, gentle, and supportive. She never felt like a burden to her. 

Abrar didn't receive any support from her partner; instead, she faced many difficulties and problems with him.

It was destined by Allah that Abrar would separate from her husband, but this didn't discourage her at all; on the contrary, it was a turning point in her life.

It was her motivation to prove to herself and others that she had a great ambition for the brand she owned and always said that he would become one of the biggest brands in Egypt.

She started out stronger at the time she felt herself in a very bad psychological state because she was afraid to fall into depression or frustration.

She pressed herself to get past that stage and continued to work hard.

The most difficult challenge she`s faced is how to deal with merchants at first because the nature of her personality is so progressive and she's so nervous.

It was shocking for her. She didn't know how to deal with them.

Second factory and industrial handling.

Thirdly, capital and financial management methods.

Fourthly, the pressure of constantly trying to adhere to a good product that competes in the online market and establishes itself.

Fifthly, of course, online transactions are difficult and come with many problems.

She overcame these problems by beginning to strengthen her personality and learning how to deal with people in general in ways that fit each category, and beginning to recognize people who have become intermediaries between them and whom they know to deal with her at the same time with them.

Regarding finances, she had a very skilled accountant who was fully responsible for 

managing them.

As for capital, she continued for a long time without making any profit in order to accumulate a good capital.

And then the pressure is that you stay renewed in the market.

and she said that the Online transactions are difficult and difficult. Unfortunately, the only need you recommend is that the field appears. You must remain patient to the maximum extent possible if you want to complete the job because the job is in need of a limit that will know the customer and be patient with it.

The most challenging hurdle for Abrar was her divorce. However, Allah blessed her with ideal and extremely cooperative family members who supported her in every aspect. Thanks to Allah firstly, and then their kindness, she was able to overcome any personal life challenges she faced.

The principles that guide Abrar in her life are, of course, always afraid to set a bad religious example for any girl and chill her guilt, especially since many girls follow her and are very touched by her.

She had religious grounds in her choice for any piece she worked on that she could not override even if she was not short of anything.

Secondly, the nature of her work aligns with her as a woman because it is natural for her to be feminine rather than a worker or a business owner. If anything in her work affects her femininity, she completely avoids it because she wants to preserve her identity that she loves and respects.

Of course, her home and family come first before any work or achievements in her professional life. If she feels that her work is impacting her personal life, she completely leaves it.

She managed to balance between her personal and professional life, even with Raqia, her daughter, who needs more care and attention due to her young age. She achieved this balance through several means:

Delegating tasks to others so that she doesn't become overwhelmed,

Having nursery care for Raqia to simplify her life and make it better for Raqia,

She takes pride in her success, particularly in building her brand to become larger and more advanced. Despite facing many difficulties, she still maintains her spontaneous and kind personality.

Abrar engages in various activities to improve herself and relieve stress, such as going to the gym and currently studying a course in digital marketing for her work. She always strives to build successful networks around her to gain experiences and knowledge.

Her advice to all girls is: "The most important things you can do in your life are to always seek the satisfaction of our Lord in everything in your life because that's what makes us feel inner peace.Secondly, continue to develop yourself and persevere. Many people start very little and do not continue."