Who's Adham Karam , and what's his journey talking about?

Adham Karam , he is a 20 years old young man working in the field of graphic designs and advertisments and he's currently working on a podcast .

Who's Adham Karam , and what's his journey talking about?

Adham Karam, he is 20 years old, from Cairo

 He is In the Faculty of Computers and Information, Luxor University.

A young man working in the field of graphic designs and advertisements, and he is currently working on a podcast.

He started his journey at an early age, he was sitting at the computer a lot and his family were his supporters, this is the truth because his father is a computer engineer and his mother had a little experience, so he tried YouTube, and he tried light programming, and he tried montage, as well as something else.

Until the 2nd year in highschool he tried Photoshop by chance, he and one of his friends were in the computer lab in the school, so he sat down to try and go through it like this once in the second time and started watching YouTube videos and learning more with himself. Once in a while, he started taking pictures, and he liked the topic more especially since he was very fond of drawing, but he couldn't draw in Photoshop instead of what he had. He felt that he had found a program that would make him realize that he would see the drawings in his brain in the form of digital.

The biggest problem was in 3rd highschool

Was it in the fire that he stayed with this study or passion?

 It was a period of rigid blunders, but at the time he received advice from someone very dear to him, which is that “3th is your task, why Deadline, finish this first task, and then see your passion that has no Deadline, and you can sit all your life learning it and developing yourself in it.” To be honest, it was a reason for him to calm down and focus . The new problem of alienation and travel and that he would not know how to complete a job on his passion because he sure it will be occupied with college and abroad, and the subject will be difficult, and of course there are problems at home because of his travel and they do not agree, but after attempts and struggles, this is on the side.

He and his friend persuaded them and they traveled together.

 He landed a role at the time as a "graphic designer", his level of work at the time was enough that he was accepted in a kind of small company. He worked with them for such a month with a salary that was barely mentioned at all, and it was a full-time job

He would go to college, attend lectures, and go to work for 8 hours. This period was a little sacked, but his mother's support for him, whether financially or morally, made him clear that he was working with a poor salary.

And his owner in the apartment had always taken part of the load of the apartment with him. The two reasons made him unable to bear the pressure that was at the time.

The first thing he felt was that he was a hero developing in this company, and that he stayed and took him a large part of his time without financial feedback or at the level of work.

And here he began to understand more that the more one worked for himself, the more his life would definitely be better. He stayed in the company for a month and began to see the direction of Freelance more, because in exile, of course (particularly in Upper Egypt) he did not find good companies because the labor market is real. And then he had a chance. He worked part-time with a company in the UK, so it was a great opportunity for the family to see the work by road, how does he go about it Until there were problems with the company itself, so he stopped working on social media and continued in Freelance. During all the experiences he went through, this podcast came out that he is currently working and which he considers an experiment in which he tries to convey a summary of all the things that he learn. The real podcast did not start by chance, but it was an important step. He wanted to provide content in his field of work that would benefit people, because he always liked to walk the principle of "be influential" because we will all go away and the impact remains with us.

And because he liked to listen to podcasts a lot, there was no objection to the experiment and decided to make an audio podcast in which people would know.

 "How do people know Graphic Design and Freelance, who are all images and visuals, only through sound?" So he decided that he would not talk about “educating Photoshop,” but he will talk about “what do you do if you want to learn Photoshop?” He said he will teach people the theoretical part of freelancers’ life, which they ignore and do not know how to do. The podcast is now his second home . He sits and shares stories from his life, and shares his experiences and the experiences of many other people. It may be inspiring to people who are still starting, or for a student who is confused and does not know what to do, or someone who wants to start achieving himself and does not know.

 Adham is able to achieve himself, he is able to understand himself and know his abilities through work, pressures and problems, he can achieve financial sufficiency.

Adham has short-term plans, as he started learning VFX, and he sees that it is a step that will separate with him later because he started to love this field, I want the podcast to grow more so that it can benefit more people and feel that what he is doing makes a difference even if 1% with the young students who are like him.

I always feel that the thing that makes him move is that he says Why not?

Adham had three friends who were almost beside him in every step, whether at the beginning of this whole story or during all these problems and until now they are beside him and it is true that he feels that he needs someone more than them because they are always standing next to him in every step and he always makes them when they find him on his way.

And his mother, who was always by his side and encouraged him in every step, and his father and his family, who raised him with very sweet principles, helped him that he is now Adham.


Before the podcast started, he was working on a campaign to support street animals because he loves them, and he made a few mistakes that he avoided in the podcast.

And before he works in the first company, he tried Freelance and did not succeed, and before he reached the company in the UK, he applied to such a company and refused.

The bottom line is that no one is always successful, and no one prefers to succeed every time from the first experience, but we all always have to try and try.


He thinks if there is any advice he would say to anyone in general, it is time for you to do anything, whatever your age. And if you graduate, try before you get married and take responsibility, and so on... There is always time to try, and even if you fail, these experiments always come out with a new result or information.