Mohamed Hassan Al Ateeqi, nicknamed "3t3ota," is a 20-year old young man who studies computer science with a great passion for programming

Mohamed Hassan Al Ateeqi, nicknamed "3t3ota," is a 20-year old young man who studies computer science with a great passion for programming

We all agree that social media has a power that no one can ever deny, but we must not forget that entertainment is one of social media's greatest powers.

And speaking of entertainment, we all enjoy social media celebs' sarcastic videos, but what about a programmer who does that?

Mohamed Hassan Al Ateeqi, nicknamed "3t3ota," is a 20-year old young man who studies computer science with a great passion for programming, photography, and video creation and editing.

Mohamed is famous on social media with a page called "3t3ota" with over 300k followers. He makes sarcastic videos on social topics, and with his special way and charisma, he gets a lot of positive interaction.

If you're wondering what brought a programmer into this, let's try to cover the start of programming first.

It all started when a 6-year-old boy had recent heart surgery due to a birth defect and was not allowed to play like other kids his age, so the computer his mom and dad promised him after the surgery became his best friend.

But suddenly, the computer stopped working. His mum tried to contact a specialist to fix it, only to find out that Mohamed had already fixed it on his own... and yes, he was only 6 years old. If that's not an upcoming computer engineer, then what is he?

Mohamed's passion for computers started to grow more and more as he got older. He started to get bored of games and started wondering how they were actually made. Until he reached out to the internet and started to explore video editing, and kept self-learning about it on his own.

At 16, he started a YouTube channel about video editing to film content about what he had been learning, so that his channel reached 12k subscribers in one year, only to lose it due to hacking.

Mohamed got depressed and felt like everything he had been doing was gone, but he got on his feet real quick to focus on his studies so he could go to the college he wanted to follow his first passion for programming, and also tried to get the channel back, which he did.

He went to his dream college, got back the channel to sell it for 25k, and bought a new computer for his programming skills and a new phone for photography.

From that time till now, Mohamed has been posting sarcastic content on social media. His channel has reached 30k on YouTube and 100k on Facebook just in the first year. He is trying to express his real character by sharing his thoughts and advice with a sarcastic attitude to just make people laugh.

And of course, a lot of you are wondering where the name "3t3ota" came from.

Actually, it was another name at first, but that account got hacked, so he made it with "3t3ota" because, in his own words, there was no one in the world with that name.

And back to his first passion, programming. Mohamed wants to build a career and an entity on his own. He is already working on an idea with his friends to launch a company called "Nobel Agency" that takes care of web development, programming, graphic design, and video editing.

Mohamed dreams of building his own company for programming services and being a famous Egyptian influencer who has a positive influence on social media, so he can be able to explain programming to people easily, aside from the sarcastic videos. Because Mohamed believes that if you want to master something, teach it to people.

At the end, aside from the sarcastic content he presents, Mohamed wanted to give us advice to not compare ourselves to others. You're irreplaceable. You can have a buried talent inside you, and the only way to find it out is to try. You must try and work hard on whatever you have a passion for, and you should keep trying till you make an impact on it.

Those are Mohamed's words, and I couldn't agree more with him that we should try harder for what we love to do.