An Egyptian with a Saudi vision, Ahmed Ayyad from engineering to one of the most prominent marketing consultants in Saudi Arabia

An Egyptian with a Saudi vision, Ahmed Ayyad from engineering to one of the most prominent marketing consultants in Saudi Arabia

"Ahmed Ayyad" holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and began his academic life as a lover of engineering until he reached the third year of his studies.

At that time, "Ahmed Ayyad" discovered the secret behind his passion for watching and analyzing television advertisements. Why was this marketing message chosen, why is the wife and not the husband who cares about the product and so on, until he decided at that time to search for areas of marketing, the nature of customers, how to target and so on.

"Ahmed Ayyad" started taking courses in addition to studying engineering through self-education platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, Edraak, Rawaq, and others, and then dedicating her time to digital marketing, he said.

"Ahmed Ayyad" was getting sums of money from his freelance work in marketing, and then after graduating and obtaining a university degree in engineering, he found that the salary of the specialization was much less than the salary he takes from the marketing work, so he decided to abandon the specialization and complete his passion in marketing.

Ahmed Ayyad's self-learning journey was the decisive factor in his career, as he obtained 470 online certificates in various skills since the beginning of the learning journey until now.

As for the reasons for his work in the Saudi market in particular, Ahmed Ayyad explained that the Saudi market at that time was a distinguished market, and many marketing cadres working in it were not common.

He also made it clear that its employees were not sufficiently familiar with the nature, culture, and temperament of the public, and the market was suffering from that.

Therefore," Ahmed Ayyad" found it an opportunity when he was offered to work in the Saudi market and establish a marketing agency in Egypt to serve the Saudi market, and then " Ahmed Ayyad" took advantage of this gap in the market there and decided to provide marketing services commensurate with the appropriate and appropriate presentation and content with the local audience, so he excelled in that due to the lack of competition its time.

"Ahmed Ayyad" is now working as a Operations Manager at Akwan Media Marketing Company, which is one of the trading tools companies.

"Ahmed Ayyad" is also listed as one of the approved consultants for several major companies in the Kingdom, the most important of which are; Saraya Company, and a marketing and development consultant for a group of Warwick hotels for more than 11 hotels throughout the Kingdom. 

He also works as a marketing consultant for a group of medical clinics and health clubs, and he was also recently listed as a Gleac Certified Consultant.

As for the difficulties faced by "Ahmed Ayyad", he explained that one of the difficulties that was at the beginning of his career was the failure of his family and those around him to accept the idea of working outside the engineering major, especially after studying for 5 years.

He also explained that one of the most important difficulties was dealing with clients in Saudi Arabia on the basis that he was a person living with them in Saudi Arabia without feeling that he was in Egypt and not there, as they said.

Among the most important companies that have added to Ahmed Ayyad experience, knowledge and relationships from his point of view are Akwan Trading Company because it is an investment company that owns several companies in various sectors, and Saraya Consulting Company, given that most of its clients are from the elite and most of them are also government agencies, and finally Warwick Hotels Company Because it was Ahmed Ayyad's entrance to the hospitality sector, which is one of the fields he loves most to his heart, he said.

One of the reasons for motivation and continuity is responsibility.

As for the reasons for success, according to the definition of the word success, it is a set of skills that are summarized in self-learning, social intelligence and personal marketing.

As Ahmed Ayyad mentioned that one of the reasons for success is love of others, helping others, mastering work, kinship ties, and parental satisfaction

One of Ahmed Ayyad’s most important future ambitions is to help as many young people as possible to gain work skills and cultivate the principle of professional honesty and prophetic leadership through access and influence through communication platforms.

Currently, Ahmed Ayyad has more than 850 thousand followers on Tik Tok, and 42 thousand on the LinkedIn platform, in addition to 23 thousand followers on Facebook, and then commented, "I hope that God will help me in this goal and make it in the balance of my work."

Regarding his life in general, he said, "I want to strike a balance between my professional and social life before my addiction to work and my professional life steals my life at the expense of my family and social life without my realizing it."

In the end, Ahmed Ayyad believes in two great sentences, which he reveals that they are inherent to him in all his conversations and directions;  “Any worldly work that does not lead to the hereafter is a false success.”, “Speech remains speech until positions prove it.”