Asmaa elgindy An influencer , marketing manager and enterpreneural trainer . She holds a lot of positions and she's the owner of the book "Blue_ sky "

Asmaa elgindy  An influencer , marketing manager and enterpreneural trainer .  She holds a lot of positions and she's the owner of the book "Blue_ sky "

Asmaa elgindy She's 29 years old She's graduated from Faculty of Commerce .. Master’s degree (Accounting, Business Administration, Behavioral Finance)
MBA and studied Business Development and Marketing .

She started as early as possible from the age of 16.. When she cultivated the love of build yourself and dependence on yourself, she gave birth to him.

She need to build herself.
However, when she entered college, she used to do a lot of activities
Including the university team for playing music and choir, and she was playing basketball and making professional theater.
Besides her participation in camps, and when she was young in formal training, and her participation in formal training.

When she left, she took technical analysis courses.. she worked as a technical analyst in the stock market. She felt that she would be like Ahmed Helmy in the movie, and her hair was white, and she was still a little under pressure.. she left her and worked in real estate and reached a marketing manager
Of course, in the text, you rejected a lot of companies, oh, oh, life is not yoghurt. 

She mean... .. that you are suitable for the position itself, suitable for the position itself.

The important thing is
She feel bad for herself
One day, she went into a body workout
But this is not easy and there is no support from those around her .

 Unfortunately, it was the men who benefited from it, because you succeed and do not gain the largest of your brain, and she will show you something that will benefit you, she will teach you well... .. but of course she did not hear you until the delay in participation, so she took a chance and sought. She have a pure chance and no evaluation of her guess what

She took the best business planner in Egypt 2016
Then she studied MBA
This is other than that she attend MASTER Accounting, Business Administration and Behavioral Finance

And she reached until she was left to do the thing she love.. which led to a death by a time.

And she decided to make videos on YouTube so that you can reach more people
In it, she talks about entrepreneurship, motivation, marketing, marketing, marketing and e-commerce, and she work as BMC and open a project for her and many other needs.. This is beside the program #99FM Learn_Business, which is broadcast on Radio

In decided to write everything she know about the field of entrepreneurship and the establishment of small and medium projects and marketing it for fun. . Seeing many different sources, including English and Arabic, so that you can write a valuable book and tell young people how to create their own project on their own. Those who cost themselves huge amounts of money on the work plan,  or in the sense of the feasibility study.. Written in an easy and simple way, it reaches quickly to different groups of young people.. meaning it is not necessary A specialist or a student in order to understand the words and apply them on the ground.

And her book is not similar to the many books that exist today or the academic university books that you feel bored when you read them.
It looks like a business magazine with color pages.

All this was collected in the book "Blue_Sky #" in #entrepreneurship..
Awareness in the field of entrepreneurship, especially this period.

And thank God, it participated in the Cairo International Book Fair 2021

And then she ask her to do a lot of exercises for the right thing to create projects
Through social networking sites, youtube, LinkedIn, tiktok and instagram
And some intensive real-world workshops

From here came the idea of ​​her project, which she was not prepared for.. A place for training and qualifying entrepreneurs and qualifying them and graduates for the labor market to keep pace with the requirements of companies.. And marketing for their projects made it a prominent brand, not just a project and the salvation of the brand..
Among its implication and goal is that the work and projects are mutual, solid and boring.
By merging work with fun, flexibility and life.. the work is not tired, wasteful, lost time and lack of enjoyment.. On the contrary, we have succeeded in work with our passion, life will be beautiful, delicious and light on our hearts.. this is other than the success that will be achieved at its hour and the gain from it .