Moamen Ashraf One of the youngest influential youth in Egypt

Moamen Ashraf  One of the youngest influential youth in Egypt

Ambition is the path to success, and success is reaching the goal through perseverance and hard work
Moamen Ashraf 
One of the youngest influential youth in Egypt
As he started his journey in work since he was 15 years old, he started in practical work and student union, until he became the founder and general manager of a plus creative studio, which is a marketing and advertising agency

And in 2019, he founded the YDS egypt initiative, which was able to organize one of the most successful youth events under the title "Open your minds" for high school and university students, and it included the most prominent influencers on social media ,
this event was attended by more than 3,000 people

From this point, his role began to help young people start their careers by connecting them to the most successful entrepreneurs in Egypt

Moamen was able to enter the field of youth training, as he trained many young people in areas such as the field of public relations and the field of FR
It was a model for supporting young people in more than one field and qualifying them for the labor market, and then it became a strong platform for attracting funding and material support for startups.

He worked as a Public Relations manager at OBM Education, an institution specialized in assisting high school & university students to find the right path career by encouraging and offering them their needed services such as events, programs etc..

Finally, He is organizing the Global Internship Summit, which is the strongest and largest training forum for university youth in 2021, which will include a handful of the most successful personalities in many fields and a large group of the largest companies that provide training and opportunities for young peopleTo qualify them for the labor market, and this will be appropriate on Friday 12/11 at the Greek Campus

Moamen is a role model for many young people of his age, and a great inspirer for them because of his diligence and striving towards achieving his goals and dreams, and he succeeded in making us all proud of him.