Join us at Greek Campus: Experience Creativity with Creatives X.

Join us at Greek Campus: Experience Creativity with Creatives X.

Hello, Creatives!

Your presence at the biggest event for creatives and freelancers is the key to your success. 

On the upcoming Saturday, July 8th, Creatives X will gather all the creatives in one place to ignite your skills and make you shine in the world of creativity.

But hold on, the surprises are endless!

They have a lineup of exceptional speakers who will guide you and share their expertise in the field of creativity and content creation.You will uncover secrets and successful strategies from industry professionals just like you.Among their talented speakers who will be joining us:

Mustafa Makram, who will enlighten us about the importance of graphic design and how to create a strong impression through it.

Abdulrahman Salim, who will teach you innovative marketing strategies and help you elevate your services to attract clients.

Ahmed El Ashry, who will provide you with tips and steps to turn your creativity into a successful business venture.

Sahib El Desouki, who will guide you through your next steps in motion graphics.

Omar Abdelrahim, who will shed light on the significance of the English language in the creative industry.

Amr Abu Shanab, who will show you how to leverage technological advancements in branding using artificial intelligence.

These speakers, and many more, will be with you at Greek Campus, offering workshops and interactive sessions to enhance your skills and learn from their valuable experiences.

Get ready and be prepared on Saturday, July 8th, at the GrEEk Campus. They want to witness your talents and help you achieve your dreams in the world of creativity.

Don't miss out on their exclusive offers! Reserve your ticket through website and use promo code X35 to enjoy a 35% discount on the ticket price. 

Seize this opportunity and be part of the largest gathering of creatives in Egypt.