Daly Abd El-Naby is the CEO and founder of "The Hiring Date," a company that specialises in recruitment and placement services

Daly Abd El-Naby is the CEO and founder of "The Hiring Date," a company that specialises in recruitment and placement services

"Building a successful career is a long-term endeavor. It will depend not just on your hard work but also on the realization that your own success is rooted in your ability to help others first. "

And that's what Daly Abd El-Naby eventually did, after a long journey in the HR and project management fields, building his career from scratch.

Daly Abd El-Naby is the CEO and founder of "The Hiring Date," a company that specialises in recruitment and placement services.Daly is 27 years old and studies business at the American University in Cairo. He also has a PhD in psychology, specialising in administrative psychology, from Helwan University.

From Daly's perspective, knowledge is a must. He believes that everyone should face reality on a state level and is always eager to learn and stay current in their field of interest. They should grow their connections in that field, learn more about the people in it, and try to follow their steps.

As he sees it, if you manage your time well, keep yourself updated with all the knowledge you need, and expand your network of people, you will reach places in your career that you never thought about.

If you're wondering how it started for Daly to be the CEO of such an important company at such a young age, let me tell you it was even more impressive than what he is doing right now.

He actually started working young, and as a student, there weren't many jobs to do. He started as a handyman in painting, and then as a call centre agent, he got in the middle of that field for a while.

So he got promoted by the time, from a call centre agent to be the youngest to reach the position of an account manager at that time, but still never stopped right there, and continued his path to the HR and project management fields, as he worked for a lot of banks and multinational companies.

Until 2017, when he finally took the step to start up his company, " The Hiring Date," he still doesn't see it as a success story, yet. If that's not a success story, then what is it?

Now that you know about the start, let's know more about how that happened, the actual way to achieve what we want and to accomplish every goal we set our minds to.

Daly still sees himself as someone who strives rather than someone who succeeds. He's a big believer that there's nothing impossible, and he's able to reverse the word "impossible" into "possible" by trying multiple times until it happens.

He also believes in the concept of "if you never try, you'll never know." He tried a lot of things and had a lot of experiences he didn't know about until he basically left himself to the process and went with the flow in every experience he had.

As he believes that it's always going to be an outcome of your pursuit, you don't imagine it, and God is always going to open new doors for you, you had no idea about it.

And, if we focused on what Daly was doing well, he was always the one who was eager to do something different to help others, particularly young people looking for suitable jobs. And that's basically what his company offers to other people.

In addition, as we talked about the past and present, we must mention how Daly expects to spend his future. He hopes that his company grows bigger to reach and help more and more people, especially fresh graduates who have no experience and still don't know what they want or how to do it.

He hopes his company can help them to get over this phase soon enough to take care of them by teaching them the updates the market needs and offering them the perfect fit jobs. and for his company to reach the world and help even more people.

As we reached the end together, feeling like the whole article was full of impressive advice, I felt like there was no need for a finale here. However, Daly answered that the best advice for young men, especially in his field, was that they should focus more on data analysis, Fintech, and marketing, as they are the future disciplines.