Ahmed Dash Competes in the Ramadan 2023 Race with Jafar El Omda and Al Sandooq

Ahmed Dash Competes in the Ramadan 2023 Race with Jafar El Omda and Al Sandooq

Prominent star Ahmed Dash is preparing for the Ramadan 2023 race with two dramas. Dash plays the lead role in Al Sandooq (Mystery Box) that will be aired on Shahid platform and MBC Masr channel. He also takes part in Jafar El Omda series that will be aired on Shahid and WATCH IT platforms and dmc channel.

About presenting two works in the Ramadan season, Dash stated, "I participate with two different characters in the Ramadan 2023 season. In Jafar El Omda, I play the role of a character that has many surprises, while I try to solve mysteries and crimes in Al Sandooq (Mystery Box). I hope that the audience will like the two series."

In the 15-episode Al Sandooq (Mystery Box), Ahmed Dash the character of Yassin. The events of the series take place in a world of crime and mystery. Alongside Dash, Mystery Box stars Huda El Mufti, Aly Kassem, Samah Anwar and a number of guest stars. The series is written by Mostafa Sakr and directed by Marwan Abdelmoniem.

In Jafar El Omda series, Dash plays the role of the son of Mohammad Ramadan, Seif. Jafar El Omda stars Mohammad Ramadan, Zeina, Hala Sedqy, Menna Fadaly, Eman El Assi, May Kassab, Esam Al Saqqa, Manzer Rayahneh, Doaa Hakam, and Bayoumi Fouad. The series is written and directed by Mohammad Samy.

In 2014, prominent star Ahmed Dash started his acting career with the lead role in La Mo’akhza (Excuse My French) film, which paved his acting career in more films and TV dramas. Later on, Dash took part in Embratoreyet Meen TV series with super star Hend Sabry, followed by the role of Prince Ibrahim in Saraya Abdeen (Abdeen Palace) TV drama. In 2016, Ahmed Dash excelled in his role in Seqout Hor series. Dash had his first lead role in Eshtebak (Clash) film that took part in Cannes Film Festival. Clash is Egypt’s official submission to the Best Foreign-Language Film category at the Academy Awards.

Dash worked in a number of successful TV dramas such as; Sabe’ Gaar and El Haramy. In the Ramadan seasons, Ahmed Dash presented several TV dramas including; Taye’e, Al Prince, Nasl El Aghrab, and Al Ekhteyar 2 (The Choice 2). Dash excelled in the characters he played in films including Casablanca (2019) and Abu Saddam (2021), that competed within the official competition of the Cairo International Film Festival. Dash received the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Egyptian National Film Festival for his role in El Mahkama film in 2021. In 2022, Dash competed in the Ramadan season with the series Meen Qal?!.