Mohamed Ibrahim Dawood is a student Faculty of Arts, University of Menoufia, Department of Media

Mohamed Ibrahim Dawood is a student Faculty of Arts, University of Menoufia, Department of Media

Learn the art of arquette in half an hour and change the course of life of the son of Menoufia Mohamed Dawood

Mohamed Ibrahim Dawood is a student Faculty of Arts, University of Menoufia, Department of Media, Division of Radio and Television 

The beginning of his knowledge of Arquette was in his second term at the first  year at university , he entered the University Drawing atelier but failed in it but he learned Arquette art in half an hour where he found his passion and love in this art until he reached this level.

At the outset, he encountered many difficulties, including people's ignorance of this art, their lack of appreciation for it, its useless art, its usefulness and what he would get to by cutting wood, as well as the lack of sale of products due to people's ignorance of the effort and time spent on one piece.

The art of arquette has long been the expression of a single dish portrait engraved with features only but the art of arquette has been developed through the work of Portrait for any person several layers instead of one layer. This type of portrait is based on the idea of shadow and light in this portrait is, for example, three layers, four or five on the picture and details.

Speaking about his fame after his great success in this field, he was hosted on several television channels such as the Second Egyptian Channel, the Nile Cultural Channel, the Echo Country Channel, the MBC Egypt Channel, the Ten Channel and the Al-Ahli Channel. A television report was filmed for him from inside the Al-Ahli Club Channel. Home, Constitution, People of Egypt, Egyptian Today, Road Magazine, Star World Magazine and many foreign magazines He also participated in many exhibitions and received Oscar, Shield, some medals, many and many witnesses.

As for the beginning of the artists' and the Ahly players' knowledge of him, the Board of Directors was as follows.

As for the beginning of the artist's and the Ahly player's knowledge of him, was as follows.

Dawood designed a Portrait for the artist Ahmad Makki, the artist Karim Abdul Aziz and the artist Tamer Hosni. He was showing his work on social media. Ahmad Makki shared a video of his work on Instagram and the artist Tamer Hosni also shared the video and said about him that he is "Creative", but the artist Karim Abdelaziz knew him through his media advisor, He had  shared his work at a Facebook Group and the artist's media advisor had contacted him.

when he was hosted at Al-Ahly channel, he asked to meet Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib to gift him the portrait himself and asked to meet Captain Sayed Abdel Hafeez and give him the portrait, so Professor Mohamed Mandour set an appointment with Professor Ehab Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly channel and set an appointment for me with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib in Al-Ahly Club and met him and handed him over  The portrait himself and gave him souvenirs, while Captain Sayed Abdel Hafeez watched the Al-Ahly episode and communicated with him by phone and encouraged him very much.

 As for the rest of the players, they shares his work at Instagram .

When speaking about his objectives in the field of art of arquette , he said that his aim is to be known on the world level and his name to be  associated with the arquette . When the term "arquette " is said , to be known to of the artist in this art, such as the artist Van Gogh in the field of painting, and to organize a global exhibition in Egypt where artists and celebrities from inside and outside Egypt would be present.

One of the motives that made him a successful figure that He was a successful person throughout his education, and when he was in the sixth grade, he was honored by the Armed Forces because his father was an Armed Forces officer now he currently a pension at the time was 97. 1% and it was a beautiful party,

He was diligent throughout his studies, but in the third secondry, he became depressed because of stressors and was not successful in his degree and entered a college that he did not like. He entered the Faculty of Arts under the guidance of his mother and began his anecdote from a second term in the first year and learned the art of Arquette, He was always said to be a failure even from the closest people, but he challenged them and proved that he was not an ordinary person and that he was a successful person whatever his result in high school. And his story became inspiring to many and everyone who bet on his failure lost. 

At the end of his dialogue, Dawood advised young people, especially artists, not to give up because it's hard times that make heroes and not to listen to frustrated people trying to failure because they can't see you succeed and they can't succeed like you. And always be a believer in yourself so that you continue to strive and believe your dream and yourself because success is not easy also he recommend them to be continuous and not stop until they reach a higher place.