Esraa Helal is another example of following your own path.

Esraa Helal is another example of following your own path.

Esraa is a 24 years old and graduated from the Faculty of business, Ain Shams University, business administration department. She had a strong interest in business from a young age, and as a result, when she was in high school, she launched her own accessories brand. 

Not only that, but by the end of 2016, she had started her first job in the digital marketing field, along with moderation and content marketing.

 Her passion has grown, and she has begun to learn more about other fields such as photography and design to help her brand stand out. Esraa also learned photoshop and illustrator programs, as well as video editing and that made her understand more about each aspect of marketing. she later told us that understanding each field will enable her to know more about how each team will work when she starts her future brand. Her ensuthiasm propels her to great success and a large number of sales. 

After high school, She did not want to join the faculty of business at first because of the public opinion around it. She desired to be a dentist, but God's will prevailed and she was destined to enroll in the faculty of business.

During college, she had struggled to cope with studying and to love where she is, but without even knowing she began to enjoy business more, so she enrolled in a variety of courses in digital marketing and its various fields and started to read about marketing,too.

Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” that is what Esraa has proved. Because of her hard-working soul, in 6 years, she worked as a freelancer and full-time for 15 different pages and brands in various industries and fields such as beauty - health - furniture - hair - e-commerce. She also attended events to broaden her thinking and develop her own skills, all of which gives her more experience.

Esraa also was a public relations volunteer for Fadilia organization, where she helped to guide five governments and managed teams by herself. What a great talent!

After graduation, her perseverance led her to learn more, and she began to learn media buying and performance marketing as well. 

As for now, she is currently working in performance marketing at an e-commerce Saudi company called evaaz and she enjoys it.