Esraa Farouk is 24 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, AinShams University.

Esraa Farouk is 24 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, AinShams University.

People say that “your grades define your skills”. We will tell you a story and let you decide by the end of it what you think about that phrase. Today, we are introducing Esraa Hesham Farouk. 

Esraa Farouk is 24 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, AinShams University. Esraa started working since her second year at the University as a Sales Person. Year later, she worked at Vodafone and she continued as a Business Developer at various companies. Such works experiences helped Esraa to acquire many communication skills that helped her in taking the career shifting decision.

This is all sounds neutral until Esraa decided that she wanted to shift her Career to dig into the Graphic Designing Career. For more clarity, Esraa always dreamt of being a Graphic designer, but she did not make it. Hence, after graduation, Esraa decided that she has to pursue her career as a Graphic Designer.

Esraa started studying Graphic Designing materials, so she would be able to learn more about this brand new career. Esraa said that she quitted working as a Call Center Agent and became totally free for her  Graphic Designing educational process. Esraa also mentioned that after she mastered how to use Graphic Designing tools, it was hard at first to find a job as a graphic designer, but she did not give up. Esraa worked at “Web Help Company”, “Art Cima Management” and “Digit Hub”. Finally, Esraa is working as a Graphic Designer at “Cartona”, an information technology Company.

Esraa also enlightened us with the acquired skills from all her work experiences. Esraa learned many communication skills, such as how to be persuasive, and how to control her feelings. Esraa also learned from the Graphic Designing career that one should manage his/her time well and to positively accept criticism or comments without any hard feelings.

With regard to the difficulties, Esraa told us that she faced financial problems in her career shifting phase. In addition, people warned Esraa from that step; saying that she is leaving a stable job to start brand new one is a time wasting. Finally, Esraa was always afraid from taking that step that she has to set a plan B if she ever failed.

Esraa shared one of her most motivational situations that pushed her towards her dream. While quitting her Call Center job, her Manager told her that she will not find a job and she will not be anything. Those words did not stop Esraa, on the contrary, Esraa decided to prove him wrong.

Esraa also mentioned that all of these achievements are just 1% only from her inspirations. Now, Esraa is painting on clothes too which is a bit different from her major as a Graphic Designer. Evermore, Esraa started creating an Instagram account for business purposes.

Lastly but not least, Esraa is urging us that we should never be afraid and to always take risks. As for Esraa, “Failure” has always a positive connotation in a sense that you did not fail, you always learned something. In addition, Esraa is telling us that we should be well-organized and hard workers. Finally, trust in God’s plan, do your best, so maybe you will be something you wished for one day.