Esraa Hassan El-Saady is a dentist and a mother of two kids, born on 23 August 1989

Esraa Hassan El-Saady is a dentist and a mother of two kids, born on 23 August 1989

“Your greatest test is when you can bless someone else while you are going through your storm.” Everyone has his/her dark times, these times when you feel your sun will no longer rise again and even you do believe in yourself, but you still need to be sure of that by being in the place you belong to or by hearing it from somebody you trust in whether it is your teacher, your mom, your colleagues, but in today's personality it was her kids, the two angels who gave her the power to continue although all the obstacles she has been through. The darkness has a definite time and it will disappear once you are no longer afraid of it, here is the turning point of your life and the spot that gives you another sun-rise to bright your journey with hope and faith again! 

Esraa Hassan El-Saady is a dentist and a mother of two kids, born on 23 August 1989, graduated from BDs, faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, class 2012, and now she is studying her master degree in public health sciences at South Wales University, United Kingdom. Why did Esraa choose this field? The answer is simple because she loved it since her childhood and even when she got her high grades in secondary school and she could choose any college she desires, but she insisted on Dentistry, that was Esraa's best motive in life "passion" when she is passionate about something, it gives her all the strength you will not be able to imagine how far it affects her and affects people in the circle around. 

Esraa also Worked as a dental general practitioner in many governmental hospitals and private clinics at the same time she attended many vital workshops such as; style Italiano Endodontics Events, the international dental congress Kuwait (KDA), Egyptian Association of Esthetic dentistry EAED national dental conferences and workshops. What makes Esraa unique in her field is not only the academic part, not only the studies she was very good at, but the care of every detail that relates to kids and how to help them to overcome their fears and to be aware of every detail about their health, also the emotions that Esraa used to be connected with kids through and when Esraa was asked about best situations that she met while her work, she answered: " when the kids come back to the clinic saying hi and thanking me for getting their teeth done, it makes me happy and appreciated besides being aware of how far I respect my work and give it my best".

What makes us successful is not only the hard-working part but the turning points of our lives and struggles that if we have enough faith in God and ourselves, we will figure out the way we are destined to go through. Accordingly, Esraa faced many struggles while her life- journey until now, the lovely kid who used to be loved by everybody around became a grown-up mother and a professional pediatric dentist, but to reach this point in her life, she clarified:" of course, the pain has changed a lot in my personality and evolved my thoughts, she kept telling us: " pain taught me to accept facts and to realize that we are not perfect, maybe we are not the perfect match for people related to us, and it is okay to deal with this, of course at the beginning it will be tough, but at the end, you will realize that it is all for your benefit, pain also taught me not to take anything for granted and appreciate the blessings around us. 

To have magical hands makes you unique, but when you have magical hands and your ethics, then it is you! Although all of the success that Esraa achieved or still achieving, she chooses to hold her ethics no matter what forces she meets along her way, when Esraa was asked about the ethics that young people should follow in their life, she answered: " apology culture, appreciation, not to be arrogant, and deal with people equality and respect. She added: " Patience - adapting to all circumstances. 

If you have the chance to advise young people, what would be your advice?" I advise them to remember that they are still young and need to learn, and as soon as you feel that you have learned it all this is the point of failing".

Esraa is a role model for any woman who thinks that they are not Capable of achieving something or need someone to believe in, every woman needs to believe in her deep power and use the strong will to reach their goals. No matter how it costs, if you need to achieve something, then you have to believe in yourself and work hard .