Every girl loves beauty but in Ghadeer’s case, the matter was different because she found her talent and passion for hairstyling at that time.

Every girl loves beauty but in Ghadeer’s case, the matter was different because she found her talent and passion for hairstyling at that time.

A young girl with a big talent

The dream has no limit, no age, and no place but believing that you can make it true one day. This is the magic wand that you should have because no one has ever achieved greatness without dreams, furthermore, knowing that you have the skills that are related to your dream achieving and working on them, is the password to step toward your big dream, and this what exactly happened with Ghadeer a young girl with a big achievement in hairstyling field. So let’s know about her journey in the following lines.

Ghadeer is a 19 years old . it is known that every girl loves beauty, makeup tools, and self-care products in addition to playing with her Barbies but in Ghadeer’s case, the matter was different because she found her talent and passion for hairstyling at that time. when she was 6 years old her family discovered that she was able to change her Barbies hairstyle to a new one in a distinguished way, furthermore, she was doing different hairstyles for her sister so her family was aware that it is not just a playing time but it’s a real talent, especially her mom was the most supportive one.

 When Ghadeer was 13 years old, she decided to grow her talent and went to a beauty center to learn tips and tricks about hairstyling,  she was able to learn all things in just 2 days because she believes that if someone loves what he does he will find everything easy even if it’s daunting. 

At that time Ghadder was pretty sure that she could accomplish different things in this field. Despite her young age, she saw people’s reactions to what a young girl did in their hair, furthermore, their asking about her to do their hair every time they came to the beauty center was exhilarating and motivated to pass any challenge that she faced to continue her way.

Ghadeer gained different experiences from various beauty centers to strengthen her talent and grow it. Because of her special hairstyles, she could reach the media production city in Alshams channel to assist in the hairstyling sector for the presenters. 

Ghadeer’s way wasn’t a bed of roses, she faced some challenges that made her stronger and did real achievements such as: 


This is one of the challenges that Ghadeer faced, in this case, the client asked for light golden blond color and she made henna in her hair but she didn’t tell Ghadeer that, so it was difficult for her hair to dye into this color but Ghadeer made it, it took a long time to get the exact color but the result was surprising the client didn’t believe her hair beauty and also the Retro hairstyle that she got by Ghadeer. 

The second story is about this pink color, this challenge was about a crazy hard color that is known that only professionals can make but Ghadeer took the chance to the hard level and get out the perfect shade of the color, and the client was impressive and after a long time, the client got back to Ghadeer again to make another color. 


The first trial was perfect. Fiery Chestnut was challenging because Ghadeer hasn’t made this color before but the self-trusting was bigger than fear also without testing for the color shade, she made it perfectly and the client was amazed by the result from the first chance. 


The hero of this challenge is the flaming copping color and Ghadeer’s young age but here the professionalism talks, this client was her first time with Ghadeer and she was worried about the result but the final look was perfect and thanked Ghadeer a lot as she was amazed that although her young age, she got here what she asked and more.

Ghadeer supports the natural way for all types of hair and the importance of accepting our hair as itself and knowing the best way to take care of it. Like curly hair.  she always advises her clients to avoid all chemical treatments and keep their bodies hydrated by drink enough amount of water and making hair masks, furthermore, using heat protection every time they use a straightener for their hair.

Ghadeer’s dream is to have her own beauty center to spread her talent to all girls; also she believes that every time she was disappointed or failed that means she is close to success. She believes in the god that gives her the talent and in herself too.