The Hadeer Hameed’s two B’s: Beauty & Bravery

The Hadeer Hameed’s two B’s: Beauty & Bravery

Hadeer Hameed, a successful young-adult Egyptian content creator. She is famous for her makeup and hair product reviews. Paving her way through her teenage years by just posting selfies of new makeup techniques on the Facebook group: The Makeup Talk (Middle East) in 2016. Hadeer is famous for shedding light on taboos that no one talks about. Except for her.  

“Makeup doesn't change me; it shows my beauty.” Hadeer is a beautiful young lady who is passionate about different types of makeup and self-care products. She illustrates that girls don’t usually use makeup to change their facial features but instead to highlight them. Which makes Hadeer a genuine Instagram influencer different from others.  

In addition, she is a heavenly plus-size model who tries to inspire other girls that have problems with their body image, proving to society that you don’t need to have the typical body shape in order to be stylish and chic. Hadeer uses her social media to call for the breaking of typical body image standards, thus she mentions her own recovering journey. She sheds light on disorders that are not very known in Egyptian society, which include eating disorders like Emotional eating, Anorexia Nervosa, and other problems that may lead to weight increase other than regular eating. 

Hadeer finally made it to one of TikTok’s commercials and billboards as a plus-size model, calling it her proud moment. Expressing feelings of gratitude and pride mixed with feelings of sadness and remorse, illustrating that when she was just a little girl there weren’t any plus-size models, and that caused her to feel like an outcast that doesn’t belong to the stereotyped beauty standards. But now she is proudly happy to succeed in proving that models can be plus-size, has dark-curly hair, and still be beautiful. 

Hadeer also uses her platform to mandate how crucial it is to speak up about women’s rights. She demonstrates her feminist thoughts to break girls’ silence and be a role model for them. Encouraging girls of all ages to expose perverts and to ask for their rights even if those rights are considered to be little in Egyptian society. She prioritizes women’s points of view and calls for their well-deserved treatment within society. 

Over and above that, she speaks of topics that are considered to be taboo in our society. Sharing bold and brave perspectives other than the traditional ones we grow up upon. One of these perspectives is her call to break the stereotype that Egyptian women must get married before they turn thirty. Saying that it’s not mandatory for a woman to create a family before her thirties, and she can live a happy healthy life without looking for a man to give her what she needs. By stating that, Hadeer totally supports women in any and every condition. Calling for self-love and respect.  

Hadeer Hamed reminds us of Little Women’s character Jo March’s “Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they've got ambition, and they've got talent, as well as just beauty. Love is not just all a woman is fit for.” 

In the long run, we hope all young women learn one or two things from Hadeer’s bravery and beauty by not hiding from traditional stereotypes, instead, she showed everyone how beautiful it is to be your true and authentic self without any shame.