The detailed oriented engineer Mohamed Hany

The detailed oriented engineer Mohamed Hany

It is a blessing to know what you want in your life, and what is your target to start achieving it every single minute in your life. When you believe in yourself you force the world to give you whatever you want not what the world wants to give you, so today we have a model of an engineer that should be respected.

Mohamed Hany is a civil engineer, who graduated with distinction from his faculty. This distinction was just the beginning of his dream to become true which made him draw his path in the architecture world and dig his name by establishing “Siwar” a company for architecture, interior design, and home decoration.

Hany’s passion for the construction field was very clear in the first place therefore Hany determined to join the faculty of engineering to achieve his dream. As he always loves to be different and detailed oriented, furthermore, his study was very useful for him, it makes him use scientific analyses for every project he goes throw and that showed his difference to the clients in his field. On the other hand, Hany’s mum was a big fan and supporter of him. And now his wife is supporting and encouraging him to continue his journey successfully.
As Hany had the steering wheel of his life and put everything under his control so he could expand his company in a short period, now Siwar has two branches in Dokki and Zayed. 

However, Hany’s field is full of many big competitors that have their names in the market but Siwar almost has projects in every compound such as Mountain View, Allegria Sodic, Pyramids Hills, Sun Capital, Beverly Hills, and more.
No risk, no reward this sentence had its effect on Hany’s journey when he took the challenge to a higher level and agreed to have a hard project which was called “Sunlight Building” that was a locked site, there weren’t spaces or outlets to have sunlights inside it so the challenge was how to make the sunlights go through into every inch in this site, even though they faced a lot of architectural and structural difficulties but in the end, they were able to do that successfully.

After every challenge, Siwar's reputation has gotten bigger and bigger and they have been called by clients or compound owners to achieve certain challenging tasks they have known by them such as using the narrow spaces and also giving grantees for their work.
Hany’s slogan is “Beauty is in details” therefore his priority is how to make every single item perfect to find harmony after finishing the design and that makes the clients so satisfied in the end.

Hany wishes to expand his company abroad and have many branches of Siwar all over the world and provide opportunities for every engineer to achieve his dream.
Hany believes In the fate that can bring you more than you want as you work hard and know that no limits and anything is possible.