Visual artist Hossam El-Dien Hindawi and his efforts in the field of art and youth support .

Visual artist Hossam El-Dien Hindawi and his efforts in the field of art and youth support .

Visual art as we know is an ability to criticize and insight creatively, it always includes a philosophical view or meaning, the artist is a mirror of society and can reflect people's emotional and cultural state.

The artist Hossam El-Dien Hindawi , he is known by his artistic field as Hossam, is the Director General of the International Foundation for Plastic Arts.

He is from the village of Abayanah in Kafr al-Sheikh , Chief Saad Zaghloul, known as the many schools that care for talents and was one of them. The talent was very visible to him, as well as from a judicial authority, all of them advisers and police.

However, he began to enter exhibitions and competitions within the Ministry of Culture and the Centre's Culture Palace in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate and entered the faculty of education of the Department of Art Education. He then attended the Master's Arts College, travelled abroad and took his doctorate from Italy. He represented Egypt much of the exhibition outside Egypt.

The Foundation's idea is to make it easier for talented people to reach out. Many of us are too tired to get to this place. And now we remain in the community of those who reach the need of Bensey who is under it, Of course, in many artists in all governorates, they are not familiar with their dream. Naturally, we all dream of being imprisoned, we all want to get to the point of opening up our life and we got to dream, We implemented the idea of the exhibition even though we are members of the Foundation, no owners, no kinship, but we met in such an exhibition internationally and globally.

A team called the World Foundation for Plastic Arts (WFI) team has been established, and they have been engaged in 8 exhibitions, on which a lot of media and prominent artists have spoken.

The Otar exhibition was their first exhibition in Cairo. It was attended by more than 70 artists from France, Italy and Arab countries. It was in shoots like what Shaufti attended and of course a beautiful journalist. It was a motivation for them and they were very simplistic.

When the exhibition includes the schools of Kathira Saab choose one painting But when do we appreciate choosing a particular painting when the exhibition is inclusive of one school it is natural to wrap the painting of what you look at but otherwise very difficult, Of course, every painting comes up with an idea that addresses a problem in which you talk about the need of both the artist living it and her healing, and we thank you very much for your wonderful effort and greetings.