6 charming looks at Joy Awards

6 charming looks at Joy Awards

6 charming looks at Joy Awards 

A few days ago we saw a star-studded night was shining with charming looks signatures. 

Joy Awards in 2023’s edition in Riyadh is a creative and significant event in the eastern region as it is one of the ceremonies that reflect the Arabian image of the world with their works, accomplishments and looks. 

 This festival had a crowd of super stars from different countries and disciplines  to be honored in the ceremony and have awards for the best film, cinema actress, song, singer, athlete and series. 

In this festival, the actors and actresses are competing to show up with the best appearance and prestigious looks. 

Every star wore different styles inspired by different designers such as Ellie Saab, Jean-louis, Ali karoui and others. So let’s highlight some stars' stunning looks. 


Georgina Rodriguez 


The ceremony surprise for this year was the Spanish model and partner of the most famous footballer “Cristiano Ronaldo”. She is known for her taste and choices in her looks, but this time she showed with a fabulous dark blue gown with a unique headpiece that covered her head.  giving a touch of the county’s culture signature by the designer Ali Karoui. The star was decked in diamond jewelers based in Saudi Arabia kooheji jewelry and shined up in makeup by Sergio Anton.  


Nancy Ajram  


The ceremony’s butterfly and the most beloved singer ,personality and voice, Nancy Ajram was one of the most twinkle stars by her back off gown with glamour stones covered from the top to the bottom made her like a shiny light in festival . That was inspired by Ellie Saab with spread hair that reflected her smoothness. The star was decked in diamond by Gmayel jewelry’s diamond and soft bronzy makeup by Fady Kataya.  


Hend sabry 


The Tunisian beloved Hend Sabri had one of the special looks. She proved that her beauty and soul can relive any piece of clothes when she re-wore her unique McQueen gown in navy blue with cape had the same color and set with stones on the sleeves that represented her strong character. The Tunisian Egyptian actress completed her look with jewelry from Cartier and elegant makeup by Charbel Assaf.  


Najwa Karam 


The sun of the song was shiny and charming. such as a sun with a luxury  tight dress made by Yousef Aljasmi. that gown shaped her beauty and was covered with precious stones and feathers on the sleeves that made her appear like a queen on the carpet. She completed her look with straight brown hair gave her youthful appearance. The super star dazzled with makeup by Wasaim Mogabgab. 


Yasmine Sabry 


The Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry is known for her unique outfits on Instagram that are always compared with Georgina Rodriguez’s outfits. therefore her looks are always waited by her fans. Sabri appeared in a dazzling long golden gown meshed by a long cape made her like superheroes fly and sparkle like star in the sky. This dress was made by Nicolas Jebran. She glammed with makeup by Sheriff Tanyous. 


Mona Zaki  


The stunning Egyptian actress Mona Zaki was one of the most impressive looks. She appeared in an orange gown fully made of lace and ended with feathers that gave her fairy look. This look was a signature by the “Alia” and she applied bright colors in her makeup by Reham khalifa to master her fir look furthermore Zaki was decked in Bulgari jewelry.