Good morning to all Shahindas out there it’s time for some Kenzy Madbouly

Good morning to all Shahindas out there it’s time for some Kenzy Madbouly

Kenzy Madbouly is a content creator who is famous for her friendly face, mental health advocation and good family vibes.

During covid-19 pandemic Kenzy started her journey on the social media deciding that it is  time for some positive energy. She started making videos about mental health, social issues and even make up tips. 

What makes Kenzy special to her fans is her humility and simplicity. And whether you like her for her movie reviews, make up reviews, story time, life tips, her comedy content of her time with her sweat family there is a great position that after a while you will feel her as family too. As she shares her life with her fans - which they love her for- and allows them to share their ups and downs with her along with the world.

So, the bond between Kenzy and her fans began to strengthen and she began to consider her fans family. You can hear her often they “ This I shouldn’t share outside family but since you are family”. she began to share more about her family, photos of her younger self, fights and good times between her and her fiancé the famous Feras and diaries of her families and all the funny things that happen to them. 

You cann’t mention Kenzy without mentioning her mother Mrs.Eman. Who began to star in Kenzy’s videos and then became a star in them as fans began to relate to her as modern Egyptian mothers and as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree she shares with her daughter her niceness and good sense of humour.

Kenzy dreams of being an actress ever since she was a little girl. Back then everyone told her that she couldn’t that she isn’t good enough but it turned out that she can do whatever she buys her mind to. As she uses her social media platforms as way of self expression and to show her acting skills. 

Kenzy has recently reached 2 millions on her instgram account acclaiming it as a huge success and she is currently aiming for the 10M and we wish her luck with that. 

Finally I’d like to say that fighthing depression and OCD , fighting any mental health issue every day isn’t an easy task, going to therapy and being on medication isn’t something everybody can do, Going public with these information specially on social media needs guts and for that we applaud Kenzy and anyone out there with a mental health issue. You are brave and you aren’t alone.