“Maha Imran” founder of “tajawl”

“Maha Imran” founder of “tajawl”

Hello, my friends, I am a fan of filming as a professional and traveling as a hobby. I wondered what if I combined the two together  . Then I searched for a tourist place to travel with my friends. I found an Instagram page called "tajawl""تجول"  that seek my attention to the fact that girls of my age owner this page and I thought they were friends. 


“Maha Imran” founder of “tajawl”  and she was so cute when I talked to her , imagine with me, she 22-year-old handball player founder of "tajawl", and I was curious to know her really and when I asked her how she did it. 

She told me, "I loved traveling so much with my friends, when I was at college, and then we thought what if we combined what we love with our career?" 

It's like she read my thoughts or what I wonder about, and I'm more curious about her more. 

And then I went on to ask what were you doing before? 

She said she was a student who loved volunteering and volunteered for “الهلال الاحمر" even after graduating. 

And I thought a little bit that what “Maha” is doing now is what she likes as well. She likes to help people and travel and have fun. So that things are connected my friend, because the love of helping people make her plan trips that make people relax from the tiredness of routine life. This is certainly a change in her personality. 

and affirmed with her answer that "tajawl" made her a responsible person who knew to solve problems and also his responsibility for the safety and happiness of a number of people. In my view, it is not easy 

I didn't stop to know how she deal with people who judging them as a girls traveling alone with strangers? 

M: Many people said it was dangerous because you were girls, but we didn't listen because we were confident in ourselves and we knew what to do. 

And of course, first of all, we were going through a lot, and in moments, we were paying things instead of vigils to keep our name. 

But now we have enough experience. 

I asked her what she wished. She told me to be a big tourism company under there management. 

And all young people know that 20s is the best age. We have to try everything and all cultures and never stop. 

And I agree, because we won't live twice, we have to answer everything  we wonder ,we are in a box, but we don't have to stay in it. 

In fact,she answered my question that was going through my mind, and in fact she is a very beautiful, dreamy, creative person who broke through the box. 

Did u still inside the box ?