Young actress Maria Osama From a dream in her imagination to a reality

Young actress Maria Osama From a dream in her imagination to a reality

the key to turning your dream into a reality is to stay focused, and Believe on yourself, anything is possible, that's really what our heroine did, let's know about her...

Maria osama, studies at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, at Alexandria.

She was passionate about acting since she was 4 years old, she grew up in a house that supports art and talents, as her father is theatre director, which is the most important point as she discovered her talent through him.

At first they used her when they needed a little girl to show up with them on stage, but day by day, she shows her act talent and bacome important actress that leave her print in everyone's soul wherever on theatre stage or Tv shows.

Maria take all steps realated to acting, started from the theatre of her school, Church Theatre, woorkshops with Important actors in Alexandria, and then joint to Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, Since her childhood, she has believed that she will be actress in the future.

Of course The actor's work speak louder than him and considered as evidence of his creativity and success, that's really happen with Maria within a short time, as she  traveled to perform theatrical shows abroad and won International awards as she received the Best Actress Award at the Baghdad International Festival, also traveled the Cartage Theatre Festival and represented Egypt there.

Everyone has experience that considered as turning point in his life, our heroine turning point was "ElDome" that makes her more confident in herself than before, and open her doors to many opportunitie, that make her participated in television series as Egar Adem, Bena Mead, ElAsly, then Elsofara that participated in the Ramadan Race these year.

Of course, all the progress and achievement of successes don't happen without presence of supporter in our life, her supporter is her family espicially her brother Mina, that always stand beside her step by step, support and believe on her, that help her to do his best in every small thing in her life.

At the end, Maria finished her talk by expressing her adoration of theatre because of the audience live gradual living with the actor with all his emotions and feelings.