Challenges and victories are what pave the path to success."

Challenges and victories are what pave the path to  success."

This is clearly evident in the success story of Mohamed Abdo, an English language trainer who has made significant progress in his field. 


First and foremost, we can recognize the importance of the English language as a fundamental language in academic and professional life and its necessity in obtaining job opportunities and passing job interviews, as many jobs and daily tasks require English language proficiency at that time. 


An inspiring story from start to success: 


Today, we will get to know an exceptional individual who has managed to inspire many people through his work as an English language trainer at a young age. His name is Mohamed Abdulqader Abdo, known as Mohamed Abdo. 


Mohamed Abdo's first steps towards success involved venturing into the job market to learn new skills that were unrelated to his academic specialization in Information Systems at college. 


Before entering the world of teaching English, Mohamed worked in a variety of jobs to acquire communication skills with people. He worked as a salesperson in a supermarket, a central seller in a mobile phone store, and a salesperson in a clothing store. 


English language and passion: 

Mohamed found that he had a personal passion for studying the English language. During his university studies, he realized that he had a talent for explaining things to others and conveying information. Therefore, he decided to invest his time in studying books and improving his skills, until he began offering lessons to students in 2015. 


This was a significant challenge for Mohamed, as he was a university student at the same time he was giving lessons to middle and high school students and sometimes even to older individuals, including professors and university students. Despite being less than eighteen years old at the time, Mohamed Abdo was able to develop himself and appreciate the trust others placed in him. 


When Mohamed volunteered to teach English to students in the College of Engineering and the College of Commerce, he faced the challenge of balancing the level between him and the students. However, he managed to become their trainer for three months. 


In 2016, he conducted training at Ain Shams University in collaboration with Cairo University. At that time, no one believed that he was a trainer at such a young age. This allowed Mohamed's experience to evolve over time. 


In his third year of university studies, he volunteered at the Jazeera Youth Center, and after three months, he was appointed as a team leader. He continued to offer courses there until his graduation. 


Mohamed Abdo found that volunteering to teach English was what provided him with valuable experience and high confidence. It gave him the opportunity to help many students of different ages. He volunteered at several universities online and in person, such as Helwan University, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Agriculture University, Suez University, Minia University, and Al-Azhar University. 


Mohamed Abdo also focused on the content he provided and his ability to convey it to the minds of learners in a distinctive way. This helped him increase the number of people who aspired to learn English with him. He created a dedicated TikTok channel for learning English, and he currently has 25,000 followers. 


Mohamed's fame expanded to include training university professors, including a university professor in Germany and a Ph.D. holder from China, as well as many professors and language enthusiasts, to enrich their language experiences. 

Success never starts easy: 


Mohamed's ability to learn and develop the language on his own without assistance from anyone was one of the challenges he faced. Additionally, he found it difficult to balance studying, preparing for his own exams, and teaching students who also had exams. 


Mohamed Abdo consistently delivers powerful sessions on various topics, including how to improve your English language, always paying attention to differentiating between basic language skills, how to improve your language skills on your own, and how to prepare for a job 

 interview in a foreign language.

One of the most important tips that Mohamed Abdo considers essential is the ability to build connections and enter the job market to improve your chances of success.  In other words, networking is crucial.


In the end, a good teacher is one whose experiences speak for themselves, not just someone who grows up in a  bubble without real-life experience.


Thank you, Mohamed Abdo, for this delightful and engaging conversation. We wish you continued success and brilliance.