Mohamed Abdel Rahman: Starring in a film is a responsibility, and I hope "El Batta El Safra" (The Yellow Duck) turns out well for me.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman: Starring in a film is a responsibility, and I hope "El Batta El Safra" (The Yellow Duck) turns out well for me.

With the release of the promotional posters for the film "El Batta El Safra" (The Yellow Duck), starring Mohamed Abdel Rahman, in preparation for its release in cinemas in August next month, Abdel Rahman confirmed that taking on the lead role in a film is one of the most enjoyable experiences, but it also carries a great responsibility. "I hope it receives the audience's approval and that the yellow duck looks good on me."

The film "El Batta El Safra" stars Mohamed Abdel Rahman, along with Ghada Adel, Salah Abdallah, Mahmoud Hafez, Farah Zahed, Ebram Samir, Hassan Abu El-Rous, and Ahmed Talat.

The film is written by Mahmoud Ezat, directed by Essam Nassar, and produced by Rami El Sakka.

"El Batta El Safra" marks Mohamed Abdel Rahman's third leading role, following the films "El Da'wa El Amma" (The Public Call) and "El Khataya El A'ima" (The Floating Plan). It is worth mentioning that Mohamed Abdel Rahman's latest film "El Ba'ba'a" (The Dung Beetle) is currently showing in cinemas, starring Amir Karara, Yasmin Sabri, Basem Samra, and Mohamed Anwar, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi. He also makes a guest appearance in the film "Beit El Roby" (Roby's House) with the star Karim Abdel Aziz, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Nour Lebanese, and Tara Emad, directed by Peter Mimi.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman previously participated in the Ramadan 2023 race with the series "Kashf Mosta'gel" (Urgent Revelation), which achieved success on the Watch It platform. He also presented two plays during the Riyadh Season, "Sayyidati Al Jameela" (My Beautiful Lady) and "Wa Fursa Saeeda" (And a Happy Chance), both receiving positive critical and popular reactions. Additionally, his film "El Khataya El A'ima" trended in Egypt on the Netflix platform, and his latest film "El Da'wa El Amma" trended on the Shahid VIP platform.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman is considered one of the most important comedy stars at present, starting from his breakthrough in "Masrah Masr" (Egypt's Theater) to his latest current works. He has achieved great success in film and television productions in recent times, such as the films "El Khataya El A'ima," "Ghamgoum wa Bambam" (Ghamgoum and Bambam), "Lesa Baghdad" (Still Baghdad), and "El Wad Sayed El Shaghal" (Boss Sayed). In addition to that, he won the Best Online Series award for "Ghamgoum wa Bambam" in the "Weshwasha" magazine poll, and he also won the Best Actor award for the film "El Khataya El A'ima" in the Star of the Arab poll.