"Sense of mind, and experience does not depend on your age".

"Sense of mind, and experience does not depend on your age".

"Mohammed Yasser, 17 years old, high school student, IT engineer and founder of SILVA creative agency".

"It can be said that he is the youngest businessman in Egypt"

Mohammed Yasser, despite his young age, which does not exceed 17 years, was able, with his skills and desire for development, to own his own company in the field of marketing and supplying security systems, and to become the youngest IT engineer in his field.

In 2019, Muhammad Yasser started his technical field in security systems, until he arrived in a short period of time to supply security systems, until he established a strong name in the field of security systems..

In 2020, Muhammad Yasser began learning marketing and design, so Muhammad was responsible for marketing and design for his business and for others. Within a short period, he started his own business as a marketing and security systems company, which includes a large team within the company, and then moved client projects through SILVA creative agency inside and outside Egypt, Kuwait and the Emirates.

SILVA creative agency specializes in marketing, web design and mobile applications.

The age of Mohammed Yasser was a point of astonishment for many, and from his point of view, the early age in learning experiences makes a person stronger with time, and this is what made Mohammed happy with what he had achieved.

Mohammed Yasser did not limit his dream to marketing and design only, but is currently continuing to study Cyber Security and programming.

One of the goals that Mohammed seeks to achieve later is to own more than one branch of his company, and for its name to be known in the Egyptian society.

Muhammad says that one of his biggest supporters in the field of marketing is his friend Amir Zaki, as he gained a lot of practical experience in his hands, because he has six years of experience working in the field of marketing, and he also gained experience in the field of design through him without the need to take external courses. .

Among the beautiful advice that Mohammed advises those who always aspire to achieve their dreams, or pursue their goals.

And because most companies in the current era, as Mohammed sees it, do not focus on whether you are a college graduate or from where, because they have become convinced that a university education does not qualify for the labor market.

at the end; It does not matter your age, or your university degree, as much as it matters how much experience you have, what goals you seek, and what points you always try to make you successful in your place.