Najla Arafa, (31 years old), graduated from faculty of Mass communication

Najla Arafa, (31 years old), graduated from faculty of Mass communication

After studying two different majors,she’s been able to make watercolors by herself and became the founder of “sienna store”

Najla Arafa, (31 years old), graduated from faculty of Mass communication , Cairo university and she studied free studies at faculty of fine arts ,Helwan university.

After graduating from the faculty of Mass communication,Najlaa began studying in the free department of the faculty of fine arts for three months,Because of her interest in art during her studies and she was able to develop herself and started learning a lot of things in this field like the essentials of painting.

After finishing her studies in this department she gained alot of experience and began her first step and founded a channel on YouTube, Although she doesn’t have many experience in the media but she has been able to link it to the art field by using social media and providing information on YouTube.

She also had alot of efforts in this field, she was writing articles about painting and giving advices to a novice artist such as how to increase his experience and organize his time

After her success she started thinking about developing herself even more by creating watercolors manually by herself,Especially after the disappearance of this industry and the cost of its prices.

The aim of this step was to have Egyption products with a high quality and a suitable price to help students of art colleges and the beginners in this field,she has already created an Egyption product and a strong competitor for imported products.

Despite the success of her idea she faced some difficulties at first,Because the idea of manual coloring wasn’t widespread in Egypt and it has no previous experience or people who can benefit from their experience,It was a great risk to implement the idea in the presence of imported brands.

But she overcame these difficulties when she proved the good quality of her products for the clients and that was very important step in her campaign and the success of her project and she became a founder of “sienna store”.

At the beginning the aim of this store is to sell the products only, but now there’s a bigger goal of developing the products and supplying other materials.

After that she succeeded in expanding the store and its activities, there were different Artistic activities and there are some artists to exchange experience and help the beginners.

In the end Najla Arafa gave some advice to young people through her experience which  is “ they have to be flexible in thinking and planning,and a person should try in different ways to reach his goal instead of succumbing to frustration and failure from his first attempt.