Ahmed Nassar is a 24 years old entrepreneur. The owner of Navia express. A successful shipping company.

Ahmed Nassar is a 24 years old entrepreneur. The owner of Navia express. A successful shipping company.

Do you have the audacity to make it work? 

Ahmed Nassar is a 24 years old entrepreneur. The owner of Navia express. A successful shipping company.  

When you’re in such a competitive market, it’s definitely not easy to enter the market and succeed, but apparently, Ahmed has the audacity and persistence to make it work. 

And because the market is too competitive, he decided that the way to maturity is by providing a distinctive service that people deserve. A semi-perfect service that people can rely on. 

Navia is built upon two markedly significant factors that surprisingly some brands underestimate. Word of mouth and a great dedicated team are the fuel of Navia's success. The quality of the service that Navia provides for its customers is the most valuable asset of the brand. 

The edge of Navia or any project is its break-even point. At this point, the firm not losing money, but it’s also not making a pound. Breaking through this critical stage wasn’t a piece of cake. As any movement needs to be forethought otherwise it may end up with major losses.  

Since ambition was never a sin, Ahmed is intending on making Navia one of the major shipping companies in Egypt and the world. Providing shipping services at a suitable price is his main target.  

 Entrepreneurs never rest. As there’re always big plans full of energy and ambition on the table. So now he’s intending to found a whole new eco-system relying on the shipping services provided by Navia. 

There’s no shame in having an ordinary 9-to-5 job. Before turning into an entrepreneur,  Ahmed worked in several positions. From a business mentor to a full-stack web developer.  

That’s why he’s super realistic concerning that not all people will want or find joy in becoming entrepreneurs. But, if you insist on founding your own company then here are a few tips to safely get there. 

Having your own company is great but the greatest is to have your plans well set and well established. Because sometimes all it takes is a small mistake and you’re out. It’s better not to quit your job while founding your own company, wait until you're on solid ground and making money out of this project. 

So what’s next? How many times have you had an idea, but didn’t know where to start?  

That’s where loomad comes in. It’ll take an idea and transform it into a real-life product or service. All of that will be done totally by experts in various fields. 

It’s one of the upcoming projects of the successful entrepreneur. To help make things easier for you when you start working on how to transform your idea into a successful company.   

A companion is a great idea, especially in times when you need a small push forward. Because the journey to the core of the business world is too tough to make all by yourself. Ahmed was lucky enough to have more than one companion and supporter. His wife and his close friends are the ones who always encourage him to move forward.