Maged El Masri is a drama villain

Maged El Masri is a drama villain

Maged  El Masri continues to film scenes in the sitcom "Secret File" with Hani Salama, and "Repent" with Amr Sa'ad, which are scheduled for the upcoming iconic season 2022.

This year, Maged continues to play evil roles as himself in the iconic drama "Adam," starring Tamer Hosni and Mi Azzuddin as Officer Saif Al-Hadidi, who jails Tamer Hosni before killing him at the end of the work, which was shown in Ramadan 2011.

El Masri also starred as Khalil in "Earthquake" starring Mohamed Ramadan, and went into many conflicts with him during the work events. He came with a wish to obtain Gabriel's uncle's house during his stay. Gabriel's uncle, Sammy Abdalhalim, adopted an earthquake played by Mohamed Ramadan, and offered to work in Ramadan 2019.

This year, Maged El - Masri is in the audience in Ramadan with "A Secret File," starring Hani Salama as a corrupt and sinister businessman. Hani Salama is confronted with the role of an adviser who rules for justice in several cases, including the corruption of businessmen and the prosecution of extremist groups that ruled Egypt in 2013.

The role of the thugs is reflected in the series "Repent" with Amr Sa'ad. He kills Amr Sa'ad's wife, Abu Yazid, because there are many differences between them.

By: Laila Emama