The Marvelous Kingpin of Gateway English Community

The Marvelous Kingpin of Gateway English Community

Your excellence is your strength. The secret of living a life of excellence is a matter of thinking ideas of uniqueness, then work on making it successful, you will be the best.

Today, we are talking about Mr. Omar Abdelrahim, 32 years old, is one of the most prominent owners of English courses centers in Egypt. He is the founder and CEO of the Gateway English Community. He is an English instructor. He is an influencer and has also his channel on YouTube to teach English courses, which it had reached to 1.45M subscribers.

Mr. Omar has started his career early. He has worked since the age of 14, he has worked in many various jobs. He has worked as Ads Sales Executive at Google for two years from 2008 to 2010, then he worked as a customer service representative. After his graduation, he has worked as Licensing Specialist at Microsoft in 2011 and then he has worked as a trainer of soft skills to help youth to develop their personal skills as well as their personal development. 

In 2014, Mr. Omar Abdelrahim has established his company Gateway which has its branches in Cairo "Dokki, Nasr City" and Alexandria. It makes online and offline English courses in Egypt, some Gulf countries

and European countries. His company is characterized by a different policy that aims to learn and have fun together without getting bored, you learn to become the best and in your field.

Omar has developed distinctive and different curricula from the rest of the competing educational centers that work on the realization of the mind with some activities for learning and fun that gives the learner joy when receiving the information and then consolidating it in his mind in a distinctive way.

The vision of Gateway aims to learn in a short time and at the lowest cost with enough time to more practice the language, which extends for 3 hours, with only 10 people in the one session to obtain a large amount of information without distraction to benefit everyone.

In 2016, Omar Abdelrahim has started his work on YouTube as a trainer and influencer. He is distinguished by his simple style and his gentle sense of humor to break all the traditional educational rules to deliver information to the listener in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment, by a different and comfortable background of the eye. It helped him to attract a large number of followers, whether on his YouTube channel or on social media platforms in general.

Mr. Omar explains everything related to the English language and is able to teach them the correct pronunciation of letters and vocabulary. In addition to teaching special and common expressions and terms on certain occasions. He has his amazing and funny slogan on all his videos, which is “Know the right and leave him with you”.

Recently, Omar Abdelrahim has announced the start of his registered online courses in the field of business to start a series of business courses that can help youth qualify them to join the job market.

Over the eight years, Mr. Omar Abdelrahim became one of the most important and distinguished English language courses instructors in Egypt. He has made Gateway, is one of the best English courses centers due to a different and creative vision that helped make Gateway ahead of the most important competition centers in Egypt.

So, you must never give up in your ambition. Focus on something that you have a passion for and hone that skill; it will make you be successful and amazing in your field which you choose.