I'm Samar Ali ... I love cooking since I was young. The most hobby and passion in my life is cooking

I'm Samar Ali ... I love cooking since I was young. The most  hobby and passion in my life is cooking

Hello, I'm Samar Ali ... I love cooking since I was young. The most 

hobby and passion in my life is cooking ... The most beautiful 

outing for me is shopping in the market and buying fresh 

vegetables, fruits and fresh cheese ... A little strange hobby 

because many girls like to shop for clothes And jewelry ... But for 

me, it is completely different. My happiness in shopping in the 

vegetable market and the supermarket to buy ingredients for 

my cooking for this day ... My mother, may God have mercy on 

her, was the one who grew up in this hobby and made it a 

passion for me, a love and a passion for standing in the kitchen 

and doing the most delicious and difficult dishes. 

And I have a constant passion to know the origins and history of 

every food in life.. Today we will talk about the story and origins of 

one of the best dessert dishes in the world, which is the donuts

The people of Holland were the first people to bring the donut to 

the USA, before it became one of the most popular desserts there.

The first novel says that the American "Hanson Gregory" was the 

first to invent the donut in 1847, when he was 16 years old, and he 

was working on a ship to transport lime. It was said that he was not 

satisfied with the shape of the cake that was offered to them, so he 

decided to make this cake and add to it nutmeg, cinnamon and 

lemon peel and put hazelnuts or walnuts in the logic of the cake

A question that comes to our mind is that the shape of the 

donuts could have been a normal ball without any hole in the 

middle... But there is another story for the reason of this hole. 

Let's find out what the reason is:

The person behind the idea of the circular space in the donut: 

The first novel: Hansen Gregory scraped the unripe dough in 

the middle of an old donut, and over time this became the 

traditional form of dessert.

The second novel: Gregory loves to lead his ship with both hands. 

He used to put donuts on both sides of the wheel to enjoy steering 

his ship, and eat them at the same time. Putting donuts on both sides 

of the steering wheel he always left a hole in the middle

And I think the second novel is correct, because the donuts are 

cooked from all sides Donuts have authentic ingredients that must 

be made with great care to become beautiful donuts that retain the 

original taste, and at the present time you will find the origin of the 

delicious donuts carefully baked with all the ingredients that were 

made by Hanson Gregory in 1847 Today I decided to make the most 

delicious baked goods and sweets in the original way that was done 

in the past, to introduce you to a beautiful time with a more beautiful 

taste than @Samora.Pastry