Your Guide to being Happily Single on Valentine’s Day

Your Guide to being Happily Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and in just a few days you will find streets covered with all kinds of heart shapes and roses painted in red. So, it can get pretty tough for a single. You might find yourself thinking that you are all alone on the day of love with no plans. You might even convince yourself that ignoring Valentine’s Day can make you less sad. 

Who told you that you have to be in a committed relationship with a partner to enjoy Valentine’s Day? It is not just a day for couples, it can be a day to celebrate your love for yourself. The best part of that? You get to choose whatever you want to do, instead of calling it Valentine’s Day you can call it My Day.  

This article is your ultimate guide to enjoying being single on valentine’s day. And by providing you with a plan, this is our valentine’s gift to you.  

Here are 10 awesome activities to try out to make your Valentine’s Day more enjoyable: 

1. Go to a Movie:  

One of the amazing life experiences is hanging out alone. Take yourself out on a date, visit your nearest cinema, and purchase just one ticket. For adding more fun you can buy popcorn, soda, and sour candy. That’s it. Enjoy your movie because nothing is more fun than watching a movie you have been eager to see. 

2. Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant: 

Each one of us has his perfect idea of a meal. Sometimes when hanging out with friends they don’t let you grab your favorite meal. So, here’s your chance to hang out alone and choose your one and only meal without any restrictions. And of course, pull on that killing outfit and put on some makeup. Don’t forget you are still going on a date. 

3. Host a Singles-Only Hangout: 

Who says that you have to spend it entirely alone? Do you have other single friends? Great. Invite them to a hang-out where all of you get to celebrate your lovely friendship together. No need for romance anyway. 

4. Visit Your Local Library: 

Back to your one-to-one dates with yourself guide. One idea for you is to visit your local library. Grab your favorite book, get yourself a coffee or a hot chocolate, play some classical music, and start reading. You will find yourself immediately forgetting about the real world, killing time, and enjoying your own company.  

5. Cook Dinner for Your Parents: 

Another way to acknowledge love is to celebrate it with your parents. Go out and buy some groceries, get back inside, and start cooking a heartwarming meal for your parents. This meal is not just food, it is your way to spray love in the air with your parents, and them doing the same. 

6. Go For a Picnic: 

What is better than spending time in nature? Choose your favorite green spot, snag a blanket, and maybe your favorite snack and drink. And with the use of your notebook, you can either draw something or just journal your thoughts. Look around you, seize the moment, and capture it with your heart. Nothing is more pleasing than to feel the sunlight on your skin. 


7. Stay In and Pamper Yourself: 

You can easily practice self-love by only staying in your house. How comfy it feels wrapped in your blankets with your favorite tv show on. Order a cheesy pizza and with the help of your favorite snacks, this night can be perfect. After doing so, you can pamper yourself with a hot-nice shower and do some moisturizing after. You can perhaps enjoy playing your favorite video game. Do it your way.  

8. Do Something Nice for Someone: 

Because it is the world’s love day, you have to show some love. Perhaps you can do a beautiful gesture to someone. Choose one family member, maybe even your favorite teacher, and send them a rose with a note. It surely can brighten up their day, and eventually yours too. 

9. Try a New Activity: 

Have you ever wanted to try something out for the first time but you always postponed it for no reason? Well, this is the right time. Find something you have always wanted to do, and do it. Maybe you wanted to try a new sport, a new restaurant, watch a new TV show, or possibly try a new technique of painting. Whatever the thing is, just do it now. 

10. Love yourself: 

The most important one of them all is to love yourself. Not just on February 14th, you need to practice self-love all other 364 days. Do whatever makes you feel alive. Whatever makes you feel happy. Cherish every moment you have and use it for your good. Just try to enjoy your day in your way.