Passion for writing turns from small fingers to a global dream that spreads joy and resists the impossibl"..

Passion for writing turns from small fingers to a global dream that spreads joy and resists the impossibl"..

"Passion for writing turns from small fingers to a global dream that spreads joy and resists the impossibl"..

Yasmine El-Sayed is an Egyptian content writer and scriptwriter for several Egyptian Arab radio and television programmes.

Yasmine tells about her love for writing since her childhood and how writing and owning papers and pens is her childhood hobby in her life stages.

At the university level, Yasmine was unsuccessful in entering the Faculty of Information to satisfy that childish passion, so she ended up in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in English. Meanwhile, she always continued to search for something that satisfies her love for writing, but she did not succeed in that until her graduation.

Yasmine worked as a tour guide after graduating from the university, then she moved from tourist guides to work in the field of international logistics for Toshiba Al-Arabi.

Meanwhile, although the field is not the main dream of Yasmine, but she wanted to invest her presence in the company by writing in the magazine, which was issued in both Arabic and foreign languages.

The magazine was distributed to the suppliers and employees of the company, and Yasmine had the part to write the company's advertisements in it.

During her work at Toshiba Elaraby, she worked in writing press articles for several magazines, including: "حريتناand  روز اليوسف"

Yasmine was always looking for the creative writing part, and working with Toshiba Arabic had earned her prioritization and organization, so she was always trying to balance her field in the company with her passion for writing.

Yasmine's writing was not limited to articles, but she had a part in playwriting from 2013 to 2014 in روز اليوسف  magazine.

Yasmine continued her successes in the field of creative writing for programs, and she participated in the Ramadan program "أيام ربنا" for the year 214 and 2015, respectively, and the program won at that time the best radio program presented.

She also participated in some online radio stations such as "عالنوتة".

And when Yasmine quit her job at Toshiba Al Arabi after marriage, she tried to use some of her skills at home, such as drawing and hand-made.

In 2019, she wrote the content of a Ramadan program "رمضانكم سعادة " on Radio Egypt. The idea of the program was based on how to use Ramadan to draw joy and happiness.

2020 Corona came with her problems, so she stopped working, and also one of Yasmine’s most important priorities in life at the time was the home, and the family.

She always believed that prioritizing is the decisive factor in a woman's work.

She was able to find a job online in the field of creative writing, through her relationships in more than one Arab country.

She participated by writing an episode on Iman Sobhi's program called  ماذا لو, the episode was talking about immigration, and talking about Arabs and their emigration from their country.

And because Yasmine has always been interested in writing about characters and researching them in a dramatic way, she has succeeded in having a place in several dramatic documentaries, for example, New Media Academy has written the program "أصله عربي".

Then the first dramatic work in which Yasmine participated is a documentary film on the 50th National Day of the UAE that talks about the achievements of the UAE and its history for the Abu Dhabi TV channel, then an awareness campaign in a dramatic manner for Palestine TV, and then an opportunity on Al Arabiya for a 45-minute documentary film that talks about comparisons between Saudi Arabia And the world in the time of Corona in a way that is similar to Netflix, and also a participation in a movie for the General Authority for Water Conversion in Saudi Arabia, and the role of Saudi Arabia in being the first Arab country to do this work.

Meanwhile, Yasmine continues to work with Ahmed Al Shugairi, and her first work with him was last Ramadan. Also from his supervision

Her participation in Egypt was for the Urban Authority, with a documentary film for the industrial city of Trabol

Yasmine did not succeed much in participating in Egypt in the work of documentaries of a dramatic nature, but within her dreams there is a program called مصريات, which tells about the great personalities in Egypt and how they lived, and its type is animation so that children can follow and identify those who had an impact in Egypt.

Yasmine spoke that one of the most important supporters of her career was her husband, "Mohamed", and without his support, she would not have reached that position, she said.

One of the most important tips that Yasmine believes in is that a difficult dream may come to others greater than it erase its difficulty, there must be faith in continuing.

Among the advice I mentioned to girls is not to be equal, and to argue in working with men, and that the superiority of girls is not in making her a strong woman, but rather success in what she is destined for and not at the expense of her home and stability, or her interest in herself.