One day I will climb to the top of all this with my diligence!!!

"Ahmed Saad" begins his journey in the media field from the age of 14 until he took off in an amazing way.

One day I will climb to the top of all this with my diligence!!!

A person’s belief in himself and his destiny is the most important factor in achieving dreams and fulfilling desires,He who does not believe in himself will not reach a goal even if he strive,As for the one who believes in it without working and who suffices with drawing dreams and wishes and builds palaces of dreams without realization, he will not reach anything.

We are talking about the one who climbed the podium of his success from his childhood and is always striving for success. "Ahmed Saad" is studying in the second year media and communication arts.

Here we start with his talent for the voice with which he excels and gets many positions. He also sees that his good voice will lead him to a platform higher than success.

And he joined the best for him, which is his entry into the "Plan B" company.
 He benefited from many skills, the most important of which are teamwork, communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, and these skills added a lot to him in the field he studies, which is the field of media and communication arts.

Here he took the step of marketing and became distinguished in the field and achieved the third rank, which is a graduate of an alternative plan company in the field of marketing.

And because he has great ambitions, he is not satisfied with that only!!

 He joined Nile Media and learned a lot about it, until he got on the TV screen, the Health and Beauty channel.

He even got sponsorship from them to do talent-based episodes.

He completed his media career by joining the Radio and Television Institute, so far he is learning and benefiting from his entry in this place.

And because he sees that the field is wide and wants to have great experience in it, he entered the field of journalism and joined Al-Mustaqbal Al-Arabi newspaper and Al-Gomhouria newspaper today.