From Memorizing to Criticizing and Beyond

From Memorizing to Criticizing and Beyond

We all graduated from the preschool phases without remembering any of the information we had learned and the reason is that we have been raised in a society that supports the idea of memorizing so that you can get high scores and join a well-known college in addition to not even trying to figure out what you were learning or what exactly you want to do in your life. 

By the time, we discover that all these years were in vain, we haven't enjoyed any of our study years. But instead, we were suffering from stress, and much pressure that was a brilliant way to kill the creativity that never used to be fed, and gave the routine the required authority to ruin our magnificent cognitive abilities. 

Challenges to Education In Egypt 

  • quality of education.
  • lack of funds and investment in education.
  • Not Providing regular training to the teachers.
  • Memorizing Instead of Criticizing.
  • Shortage of skilled and semi-skilled workforce.

- Egypt has been prioritizing education within its national strategy, with goals to be achieved by 2030. In terms of basic education, the government is seeking to develop existing schools as well as establish new ones inspired by Japanese education as a part of the reform process.

Critical thinking vital role in education 

 - Critical thinking forces children to express their ideas and dare to tell, present their suggestions, and feel free to criticize, it simply helps them to build a "how to do it" attitude.

And this is through: 

  • clarifying the thinking purpose. 
  • Evaluate the arguments of others.
  • Be a team player. 
  • Create your own thoughts and ideas. 
  • Analysis. 
  • Criticizing, 

It also helps you as a person to think in an analytical and rational way. encouraging students to make life decisions cautiously and after evaluating all the aspects. 

Students can enhance their ability to solve problems, interact with other students, and think in a systematic manner. 

This whole process has been started by the former minister of education in Egypt Tarke Shawki, at first people objected and said that the curriculums were difficult, but on the other hand, this way of teaching helped the teachers and students as well. Both were enjoying the learning process and the school day that was full of activities and discoveries.