Being Human Is the Major Key To success

Being Human Is the Major Key To success

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”, it takes nothing to be a man or a woman, but on the other side, it takes effort, time, and solid determination to be a human! 

From this perspective, we are going to introduce the most incredible personality you may meet while on your journey whether you are a grown-up man or a young ambitious person!  If you meet him, then you have a great chance to learn about you in the future if you are him in the future, which simply means that this personality is the perfect role model for those who learned how to take responsibility seriously, and when they insist on something, it means one important fact, they will take it, no matter how long or how far it takes! 

Ahmed Mahmoud Helal is a 46 years old-business man, he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Department of Mechanics Production, batch 97, after graduation he joined the army and then worked in Raya Company and Raya Company at that time was interested in the IT field, so he worked in the maintenance department. He used to work also in the field of CNC machines, and he mentioned that he learned a lot there according to the sophisticated machines they dealt with, this kind of machine wasn’t popular at that time as well, which made him a unique person with good experience in a rare field from 2000 till 2003, since then his mentality evolutes by the market changes and industry challenges. Accordingly, he started to educate himself more about this field by taking many courses and training such as: 

- Several training courses in Germany on CNC machines (milling & lathe) from 2000 till 2003.

- Attended training course on 3D design and manufacturing software in 2004.

- Attended training course on sheet metal CNC machinery in 2008.

- Attended several training courses on CNC solutions and Automation in Taiwan in multiple events in the period from 2005 to 2018.

Middle of the way, you can't just turn everything off and start from the beginning in other fields, and at the same time, you are confused about entering a new phase in a rare field like this with less experience! That’s how Ahmed described this phase of his life when Ahmed and his colleagues found themselves surprisingly unemployed with more responsibilities upon their shoulders, so they were in a critical time and they had no choices except taking a decision. After they thought about the situation a lot and from many angles as normally known for engineers' mentality, they finally decided to move forward and start their own business! 

At the beginning of this project, Ahmed and his colleagues faced many technical and material difficulties. The material possibilities were difficult at that time, and they were still at their beginning, so no one would give a hand to a startup business. The material capabilities were difficult. Therefore, they decided to depend on their capabilities and experiences.

So, they began to explore the market and introduce themselves among other big companies, which gave them a chance to build relations and good communication that helped in referring or recommending them as a company and start new businesses with a new category along with their career life, they had partners in the field of CNC machines, and by the end of the third year they have been already known in the market and they already had a name and they had projects with large companies, including Toshiba Elaraby.

As a new phase, they began to explore the international market by entering many exhibitions in Egypt and abroad, to build their community and create their brand, and finally, the dream came true, they are now a well-known brand in the Middle East and international markets. They were named by middle-east not an individual company by its name as before, as they represented middle-east in many exhibitions and industries. 

As a brand, it must have its ethics and rules, for Ahmed, he chose to be only a human, from this perspective, he dealt with everyone at the same level, everyone is a human whether he is a businessman or just a worker. He made his own choice in this life by following humanity's ethics more than business rules. When Ahmed was asked about a critical period of his life or a tough situation he passed by, 

he answered that: During the last period, the country went through many crises and obstacles, especially the economic ones, we put our main focus on getting out of these crises with minimum losses, we were not planning for anything, but we were trying completely to communicate and achieve what we dreamed of, as we used to see hope in crises and believe that the better will come no matter how long it takes, this has no explanation for me except it is a gift from Allah, We did not have the option of stopping because the challenge needed quick, effective, and beneficial solutions for their field and employees."

Ahmed also added that: " the Egyptian market needs more improvements, discipline, and commitment, both companies need to be more committed to work laws and ethics so we all benefit from that and produce more as a result of being in a healthy work environment. In addition to that, when Ahmed was asked about the ethics that youth need to follow in their career life, he answered: "Behavior and principles are more important to me than the financial and technical capabilities, to be an honest and a loyal person, additionally he should love and values himself, also has to enjoy being corporative to others and help them when they need that.                         

Coming to you dear reader, what do you think about what made Ahmed as he is now? Let me give you the right answer according to what he told us. Ahmed used to be a responsible man since his childhood, from a very young age, he might faced his fears or overcome an obstacle, only to save the people he loves and provides them with their needs and requirements, he said that: "Love is his own motivation", know one more thing about his personality in work? Although all of the hard work and the business image, while the interview he didn’t say I, but every time he started to talk, he used "we", additionally, He didn't forget to show appreciation to his college and partner Elamir Bahgat who passed away a long time ago who as he mentioned had the biggest favor and effect on the success of this company till today, people like Engineer Ahmed makes the world better by giving others a very good background about themselves and give the people the opportunity to express themselves effectively and freely. It was such an honor to meet someone who turns his beliefs and ethics into reality! There is no quote to describe him, but being human even in the tough times!