For the First Time, Salma Abu Deif Plays the Lead Role in the Series A’la Nesbet Moshahda

For the First Time, Salma Abu Deif Plays the Lead Role in the Series A’la Nesbet Moshahda

In the Ramadan season 2024, star Salma Abu Deif will compete with her series A’la Nesbet Moshahda, which is considered Salma’s first lead role in a TV drama. This comes after the success she achieved in her recent works.

Salma said that she plays the role of Shaima, a poor girl who is obsessed with Tik Tok, and that the series is a challenge for her, not because it is her first ever lead role, which is a great responsibility, but also because it is a difficult role and the audience will be surprised by the nature of the character that she will portray.

Based on true events, A’la Nesbet Moshahda stars Salma Abu Deif, alongside Laila Zaher, Entesar, Mohamed Mahmoud, Farah Youssef, Hind Abdel Halim, Mohamed Shaheen, and Islam Ibrahim. The series is directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, written by Samar Taher, and produced by Abdullah Abu Al-Futouh.

Salma Abu Deif is waiting the broadcasting of Ma Byn Al Sutoor series today on MBC and ON channels, and the Shahid platform, in addition to the release of Anf Wa Thalath Oyoun film in theaters starting January 31.

A few weeks ago, Salma has launched a new collection from her Elma Culture brand, the Skin Tight Collection which is inspired by the Chinese concept of the yin and the yang which composes all that is good and all that is bad in the world and how one can’t be without the other.

Most recently, Salma Abu Deif portrayed the character of Gamila in the series Zeinhom, which topped the watching lists on Watch It platform during its broadcasting.

Salma continues to perform distinctive and diverse roles this year, after she succeeded in grabbing attention during the Ramadan season 2023 with the series Al-Maddah and Risalat El Emam. In Ramadan 2022, Salma excelled in portraying three different characters; as she was a guest star in the TV dramas The Choice 3 and Suits in Arabic, in addition to playing the role of Walaa in Rageen Ya Hawa, which received a huge audience acclaim.

Salma Abu Deif is a young prominent star who studied at the famous Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York to enhance her talent in acting. Abu Deif quickly drew the attention to her by taking part in the TV series La Tutafi’ Alshams by director Mohammad Shaker Khodeir, and Halawt Al Dunia by director Hussien El Menbawy. Excelling in the TV dramas led her to collaborate in her first film with director Amr Salama in Sheikh Jackson film, to be able to get more bigger roles in her next works; such as the lead role in Ladina Aqwal Okhra TV series, alongside the super star Yusra, and Ela Ana by director Mariam Ahmady, in addition to her role in The Final Scene that was aired exclusively on the Shahid VIP platform.