Singles Are Being Celebrated Too!

Tips for Single Awareness Day

Singles Are Being Celebrated Too!

Have you ever heard about Singles Awareness Day? Have you ever known how this is being celebrated? Is it the opposite of Valentine’s Day? Or is it just the same but for singles?

We keep recommending places to go for dates, movies for couples to watch together, ideas for romantic gifts, and too much attention is being given to Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, we today say that the priority goes for singles who deserve to be celebrated by us and themselves in Singles Awareness Day. So, here are some tips for you all to treat yourself today:

  • Buy Yourself a Sunflower

Why a sunflower specifically? Because sunflower has this average weight that gives you the feeling of having a bunch of hugs every time you look at it. It’s not too small like flowers, it’s not too big like plants. It’s the average of warmth of containing.

  • Watching Singles-Oriented Movies

Watching movies about singles lives and moving on stories can change your mood and make you feel that others share the same situations with you. The best movies for us about singles are:

  • How to Be Single
  • Eat Pray Love
  • Dear Zindagi
  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Wild
  • Moana
  • Waiting to exhale

  • Cooking is The Best Treatment

Standing all alone in your kitchen to cook yourself a new meal with your favorite music track on the background is a love language you should try.

  • Write Yourself a Flirting Letter

Writing a letter for yourself gives you the ability to discover the things you love the most about yourself and the most interesting parts you don’t know about.

  • Get Gifts for Your Single Friends

Giving extra love for your single friends today would make you feel an extra sense of giving, sharing, and worthiness.

  • Go Beyond the Normal

Go crazy with things you want to do alone before getting into a relationship. Stay wild for a moment and try something you would try once in your life.

At the end, just remember you can always be single even for one moment!