Untold Stories

Untold Stories
Untold Stories
Untold Stories

No one told us that life would be more realistic than we imagined, some events have gone beyond imagination. Started having teatime with a dear friend, laughing, enjoying your time, and creating unforgettable memories, ending into a life-changing point? Welcome to reality!

Love loses and the truth hurts most of the time!

At 25 All hope has died


We might take a risk and try to discover ourselves through stories that will never end as we plan, but it’s all about the way itself to find the person who we really are and what we desire the most.

Maybe you will reject starting a thing even before it sparks, but the pain replies!

Keeping your eyes open will not always make you realize the truth, what if it was only your heart?

When you became 25 it’s different, you run toward the world with an open warming heart and a courageous mind no boundaries, no limits, and no time for regrets! Passionate about life, not feared of pain, not preferring silence?

Then the moment comes, events happen one by another and what comes to your mind, wow?


Time heals.


We all pass by situations that we haven’t overcome yet, being not able to tell the truth turning up on you at the end, the non-ability to admit your weaknesses or accepting your feelings will hurt you the most, nobody else!

 There is a time when you are not capable of either forgetting or forgiving, but life continues anyway! You have to keep moving no matter how long it takes or how hard it gets.


A lie, A kiss


waiting for things that caused by the same you to change is more like waiting for the right train in the wrong station, maybe you need to look from a different angle. Believe in yourself and stop letting the people letting you down by not letting them into your life randomly. Setting boundaries may hurt some of them and they have the right to reject your boundaries, but your healing is your responsibility, so you becomes first.  And it is not a selfishness call!


Just Not today

Sometimes a wonderful opportunity comes to you, maybe a new job, studying something you love, or even getting into a relationship where you can find what you have always been looking for in your partner. But that phase is only for you, and the opportunity lies in it for you to know what you truly desire. To learn how to be able to move on despite all the scars inside you. Good things may come at the wrong time. Don't be sad it's only a matter of time till things will be all okay. And until that happens, take good care of yourself and let life happens to you!