Abdel Rahman, famous for "Boda", and the joy maker on the walls of Alexandria.

Abdel Rahman, famous for "Boda", and the joy maker on the walls of Alexandria.

"Graffiti makes the walls talk"

Abdel Rahman, famous for "Boda", and the joy maker on the walls of Alexandria.

Abdul Rahman tells us about his journey in the world of graffiti, from just a childhood hobby to a turning point in his working life.

 So Abdel Rahman's childhood, like others, discovered his hobby of drawing and drawing on walls, but his passion and support for his family became an essential part of his life.

Abdul Rahman started in the field of graffiti in 2009, but he worked on developing interest in other points related to painting, which is the field of decoration since 2015.

 As For Abdul Rahman, the art of graffiti was the first important step in achieving success in the world of decoration, and therefore he said, “Graffiti was the relative door or freshness that opened my eyes to the world of decoration and design.

Without it, I could not reach all that I have reached.

The fact that I have an artistic background made me one of the very few in the field that remained as an interior designer without having a degree. It made me rely on myself, study myself, discover everything in the field of decoration, and be a team that helps me implement all my designs and excel in them", we can say" Graffiti makes the walls talk."

The fame of Abdel Rahman and his works did not stop at his city "Alexandria", but he was able to publish his work in most of the governorates of Egypt.

After the success of his work, he was able to establish a team to help him develop with the compatibility of creative ideas.

Abdel Rahman believes that the field of graffiti and decoration in Egypt is to some extent good, but the idea is in change and creativity, and in the design and implementation of decorating ideas, and this is what makes there a difference between one person and another, and there becomes competition in the market, he said.

"The idea in the idea"

This sentence had an impact on Abdul Rahman's soul when someone dear to him said it to him, "meaning that the determined person must have an idea that he can work with without imitation.

 Most people who are grateful to Abdel Rahman for their support, family, friends, and especially the artist Ahmed Mamdouh, who is his current business partner.

Among the most prominent difficulties that Abdul Rahman faced in the beginning regarding graffiti art was the scarcity and lack of some materials and tools, which forced them to make materials for drawing manually or import them at their expense at a high cost.

 As for the current difficulties in graffiti art, it is that it is an unrecognized field that has no exhibitions, and that it is not taught, for example, in art institutes and colleges, because it is originally from the street, but has recently spread in different styles. Abdul Rahman said.

And the solution to that, from Abdul Rahman’s point of view, is “that there should be a branch specialized in graffiti art in art colleges and institutes, as well as exhibitions and events for graffiti artists, to help spread their colors to the people.”

Abdel Rahman considers that one of his greatest achievements is first: decorating the walls and streets of the city of Alexandria, since it is their city, and most of the distinguished works are there.

Second: The events in which the artists of the field participated, because they were non-profit and were held with the aim of developing their country and city, and many professionals and amateurs alike joined them.

 When Abdul Rahman was asked to give advice to young people, or those interested in the field, he said: “I will tell them if you are really interested in the artistic field and want to keep it as a hobby. Like we said in the field of graffiti in Egypt, I still do not take its right, and there are many people who do not know anything about it and do not understand its details and meanings, so they will hear a lot of frustrating words.

In the end: Hold on to your dream, your passion, even if others say it's "a trivial thing." As long as you have a message you want to deliver, it doesn't matter what is said then.