Hend Sabry thrills the public with ‘Second Chance’

Hend Sabry thrills the public with ‘Second Chance’

The new year always comes with new chances, and it’s the same for Hend Sabry as for everybody.

The superstar Hend Sabry shared on her social media accounts a post teasing her audiences about a new project saying: “I’ve been granted so many second chances in my life that I’m so grateful for. I’m working on something that's so close to my heart and I can’t wait to share it with you on the 22nd of January. In the meantime, go follow @secondchance!”

Hend Sabry is one of the most prominent actresses in the Arab world, with several successes under her belt across a career of more than 50 works in cinema, television, and radio.


Several of her films achieved mass commercial success, including Blue Elephant 2 and Kira and El Gin, both of which broke Egyptian box office records. She also received much critical acclaim for her performances, winning more than 30 awards so far, including five for her starring role in the film Asma (2011), in which she embodied a woman suffering from AIDS and its associated societal stigma. 

Hend has been known to seek out roles in which she sheds light on critical social issues, especially with regard to women, cooperating with international organisations such as the United Nations Food Program whenever possible.

Furthermore, she won the Medal of Arts and Literature from the French Ministry of Culture, and works as an ambassador of a number of international brands through her company Salam Production.