More risk is more "Rizq, Ahmed Hatem, founder of Brand "Sutra", and the shrewd mind in leading its marketing campaigns.

More risk is more "Rizq, Ahmed Hatem, founder of Brand "Sutra", and the shrewd mind in leading its marketing campaigns.

" More risk is more "Rizq, Ahmed Hatem, founder of Brand "Sutra", and the shrewd mind in leading its marketing campaigns. 

Ahmed Hatem, 28 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University.

Ahmed Hatem began studying marketing through student activities, events and courses that were held during his studies at the Faculty of Engineering.


After learning the field of marketing, his first job was marketing for an Egyptian clothing brand, marketing by buying the product in bulk and selling it to customers, as well as wearing it and photographing it so that it would be an incentive to buy.

Ahmed Hatem used to meet his current partner Hassan in a cafeteria by selling T-shirts made from different brands at the beginning of their career, hence the idea of creating a brand "Sutra" .

"Hasan" and "Ahmed Hatem" worked on studying the idea from all aspects of marketing, how to work, studying competitors and creating a distinct idea from others, and that the brand should be in Arabic.

The support of the family in that aspect was the main motivator for the completion of the idea and its success. Ahmed’s father, “Hatam El-Deeb” was always the one who supported and supported Ahmed, not only in the idea of "Sutra", but in aspects of his life through his participation in many life matters and some sports tournaments, so he had freedom the choice.

On the work side, Father's Ahmed gave him a laptop to start his business, and his brother appointed him in the marketing department of his own marketing company.

As for "Surta", he started with some sums to establish the idea, and the first sum his father gave him.

The aim of establishing the "Sutra" brand, according to Ahmed Hatem, was "that the goal is to convey the voice of the Egyptian youth by designing a product suitable for young people under the age of thirty in line with international brands at reasonable and reasonable prices."

Ahmed Hatem said that "Sutra" was like any beginning of a business or idea that it was difficult to make it work to the required extent, so it continued to falter a little during the first two years.

"Sutra" is a youthful Egyptian brand with 100% Egyptian materials and industry. In its early beginnings, it was online, with the founders “Ahmed Hatem” and “Hassan” and then another person in Graphic Design, and a girl was appointed to serve customers online, and the beginning was in an office in Mokattam.

After three years, Brand "Sutra" transformed from one branch in Abbas El Akkad to 10 branches with a size of 90 employees so far in branches and administrative offices, and work is underway to finish two other branches to join the rest of the branches before the end of 2022.

As for the marketing aspect of Sutra", Ahmed Hatem said that marketing in "Sutra" depends on the strength of the product and content that expresses difference and distinction, "easy to abstain", and pleasant content that makes the customer the marketer of the product.

Ahmed Hatem organized many successful marketing campaigns, which impressed many, and established the idea of the brand in their minds, so the marketing campaigns were the most important characteristic of "Sutra", in addition to the distinctive product.

The marketing campaigns were divided into awareness and marketing campaigns. One of the awareness campaigns is “رسالتنا سترة” of the “رسالة” Association.

And the last two marketing campaigns “خصمك من تاريخ ميلادك ” ، “سترة عملتلك شراب سترة ٣ فرد، اتنين ليك وواحدة للغسالة".”

Ahmed Hatem believes that failure is the first stage of success, and a person must learn from his failure and work on studying it well, because failure is evidence of striving and experience.

When asked about young people, he said that we always need to learn and take risks, and in order for a person to reach what he wants, he must take risks, as he believes in the saying “more risk is more رزق.”

Learning and taking experience in a field or studying and implementing a particular idea does not require a career ladder or a university degree. Young people must start from a young age so that they can have acquired a lot of skills and experiences that can qualify them later for something great.

From Ahmed Hatem's point of view, digital marketing in Egypt has a strong position, but those who care about it in their work must have development in the formulation and writing of content, not just focusing on making ads only.

Ahmed Hatem dreams that the "Sutra" brand will reach outside Egypt and be exported due to the high ability to compete with international brands through quality manufacturing and raw materials, and successful marketing ability.

And through his knowledge of the Egyptian market, he sees that there is a so-called"عقدة الخواجة"  in that the international brand, even if it is not of the same excellent quality, there are those who care about the external product as a kind of "blind fashion".

In the end, the Brand "Sutra"  is a youth clothing that can be a role model, not only in the field of clothing, but in any other scientific or sports field.