When you know what you want, just take the road to the end

When you know what you want, just take the road to the end

When you know what you want, just take the road to the end, just try not to fall at the starting line, Andrew Adly Quzman, 26 years old, Bachelor of computer science, Founder and Business Developer , marketer of Integer Smart Homes EG, Founder and  Business Developer , Digital marketer of Advertal agency……….  


Andrew began making his way to life in high school, when he got to know a businessman, who taught him what business requires and gave him advice that accompanied him throughout his career: "You should establish your own business, even if it is small, and if necessary, share some friends."  


Since he heard that advice, Andrew kept thinking about how to start his own business, and soon he set to work and he began to learn about his university field through studying the curriculum of equivalent disciplines to the first year curriculum of computer science. This gave him the opportunity and space to know more and work besides his studies, thus he was able to get an idea about the market and take courses  


At the beginning of the first university year, there was a robotics competition, which he joined, and he did not know anything. The competition dealt with a two-week workshop in which he learned how to create a robot; To solve a puzzle on his own, when the competition ended, he wasn’t ranked in it, but he was given a scholarship for the Embedded System diploma, which is a diploma that only 5 engineering students take to enter the labor market. Andrew obtained from the diploma information on electronics, electricity and other fields.  


In his first university year, he would not stop searching for information, while he was participating in student activities which he did not prefer, but he was participating in them. For his purpose of the conquering his fear of interviews. He was accepted in all the interviews he participated in, but he still dreamed of creating his own business; so that he does not become a routine person; For not being good at routine.  


He decided with his colleagues during the year-end vacation for the first academic year to take advantage of what he had learned in the diploma and open a Smart Homes project, which was very expensive in the market at that time, so they would manufacture a device that controls all the home appliances such as lighting or any other electronic devices in the house, the idea did not end in silence after the storm, but it ended with an actual project to manufacture a home control device that cost 400 pounds at a time when the cheapest device in the market cost a thousand and a half dollars. They also decided not to stop here and enlarge the project by opening a page for the project, and hiring some people. It wasn’t long before the project quickly became known in the market. The market opened its doors to them, A Compound contacted them and asked them for 2000 devices, And he prepared with them the commercial register and the tax card, and Andrew had not been aware of all these things, so Andrew took the shock and got into the swing of the market, and continued to complete his journey, then he fell and then stood up to complete what he started and so on.  


A fairly large team that includes individuals in marketing, technology and the project includes 35 people, and the entire technical department was in Andrew’s charge, as he makes everything with his own hands, so he decided to look for someone to replace him, to give himself the opportunity to learn business; So that he can promote and sell his product.  


At the beginning of the second academic year, Andrew applied for a business+marketing scholarship affiliated with the Ministry of Communications and Innovation Egypt. Andrew was accepted into the scholarship among only 200 individuals out of many. He was the only one who was accepted from his university. The scholarship does not accept any student who is still in his first year. The scholarship was 6 days, and it was 6 distinct days in Andrew's life, then another scholarship with intel in business and marketing, and he kept learning about more areas such as technology, law, economics and finance.  


Two professionals came to Andrew who wanted to work with him in digital marketing, and they received a salary of 8 thousand pounds. Andrew was still a student in the second year of study, and he did not have the money to pay them this huge salary, and the project was not yet able to pay such a salary, as Andrew made a promise to not to take any money from his parents to spend on the project, and the partners did not agree to a commission and insisted on 8 thousand pounds. He had no choice but to learn digital marketing, and in the same year he received a digital marketing scholarship from Google. Andrew finished the scholarship, and continued to practice everything he learned from graphic design, design, content writing; Until he became a digital marketing professional, and became wanted by companies, and with that, Andrew went to work in more than one field besides his project, to collect money for his project.  

Andrew also took up kick boxing and MMA training, and created a sportswear brand; For his knowledge of what an athlete needs after becoming the Republic's champion in kick boxing for the year 2017.  


I know, I took a long time, but you will find a solution to your problem among those details.  


The doors of the project were opened with financial funding of 2 million, a storey in an administrative building, and more than one offer.  


Andrew finished his studies at the end of 2019, and began serving his country in the Egyptian army at the beginning of 2020. He tried to find a way to have his service in the army close to his home; To work and study alongside the army, the army period was a tough and difficult period for Andrew; Where he was appointed IT in the Ministry of Defense, and dealing with the minister's assistants, i.e. work, effort, accuracy, more pressure.  

During the year of the army, his company was among only 4 companies in Egypt working in the field of smart homes, and only one of them manufactured smart homes devices, this made the company known on the Internet and on the ground at that time, until a Chinese company stormed the market It manufactures the same device for 200 pounds, while Andrew's company manufactures it with difficulty for 400 pounds; Thus, the Chinese company dominated the market with ease and ingenuity. Andrew could not move at that time; As he finished his period of service in the army and returned to life without information, without experience, without money, he found no way out but to work harder, so he decided to work as a freelancer, and work as a digital marketing specialist in a company for a year, so that he could stand in the company again.  


Indeed, Andrew was able to stand up for his project and return to the market strongly, as the company now has customers from Egypt, Dubai, Qatar, and customers from foreign countries. In addition to the company. Andrew opened an agency to have customers from inside and outside Egypt, and to work with major local companies and Global ones.  


Andrew discovered that one of his colleagues owned a factory for exporting lampshades and chandeliers outside Egypt, so he convinced him to convert those devices into smart ones. The experiment was successful. To turn the project from smart homes to smart products, and here Andrew did not stop walking the path, but tried to walk through another path to reach, and he succeeded in it already.  


Andrew did not escape from the difficulties, but he still faces difficulties until now. Where the work environment has become more difficult, one cannot communicate with people as easily as it was before, the import of raw materials has stopped and some companies monopolized raw materials, difficulties that everyone is currently going through, we ask Allah that these days pass for everyone in peace.  


Andrew gave some advice to young people who are about to enter the working life, and to any young man who wants to establish his own business:  

•If you want to create your own business, don't wait to be perfect in everything, then start, but start directly as soon as the idea crosses your mind, there is nothing better than being practical, fast-paced. •You have to form many relationships.  

•Don't wait for the opportunity to come to you, but create your opportunity and your own path.  

•Let your eyes be open to seize opportunities and seize them, i.e. be a hunter and seize the opportunity.  

•There is no meaning in life without taking risks.  

•Along the way, gather skills, take advantage of whoever you meet, whoever it may be.  

•Do not make money your only concern in this world and your ultimate goal, rather make it a means to achieve your goals.  

•Always strive to increase your income, not to live more luxuriously, but to cover yourself and others, and thus you will have money and happiness at the same time. •Get up at 5 in the morning, you live 5 days in one day when you get up early; This way you become more productive, ensuring your livelihood.  


And which one do you opt for: sleep or sustenance?!  

 The decision is yours