In the lines: Sherif Khalil .

In the lines: Sherif Khalil  .

A name that resonates in sports circles, whether in the field of training or sports management, Sherif Khalil Abdel Moneim was born in Dokki district - Giza Governorate in 1978.

He began his career with steady steps after obtaining a Bachelor of Physical Education, Helwan University in 1999, and with successes witnessed by many sports clubs, most notably his assumption of the presidency of the handball apparatus and the technical director of the first team of the arsenal club, through obtaining the first division league with the first team of Al-Zohour Club, in addition to training the first team of Sukkar Al-Hawamdiya Club in the professional league, in addition to his work at the US Embassy.

His career did not stop at that, but he was keen to develop himself by obtaining many local and international certificates, most notably the promotion certificate for coaches from the first class to the excellent, the handball arbitration course, the international certificate of the Egyptian International Federation and the French International Federation "on the sidelines of the African Championship in Egypt".

His certificates were not limited to sports training, but touched on the administrative field, where he obtained a course to prepare managers of sports clubs in the Egyptian Olympic Committee, and what makes him distinguished are his personal traits that he enjoys without others, he has a future vision, informed, giving, broad-minded, a human being in every sense of the word, in addition to enjoying a wide culture in various fields that contributed to the clarity of his vision, rejecting constants and sufficiency, as he sees that sufficiency is a disappearance.

All these are introductions to make the Board of Directors of Talaat Harb Club choose him to become the executive director of the club since the beginning of 2019, where he used all constructive and modern methods to move the club to a new horizon that the club has not seen before, despite his great interest in the sports role of the club through the establishment of sports academies in modern ways, but he believes that sports clubs have a cultural and awareness role, so he went to hold seminars and cultural salons, hold an annual book fair in the club and provide many activities Artistic through the establishment of courses and workshops of music and representation of the members of the club and the provision of recreational aspects for children and the establishment of a children's park comparable to the major recreational parks, and worked on the development of the club's facilities while retaining the unique style of Talaat Harb Club.

He believes that the real investment is to invest in employees, as they are the success partners of any institution according to his point of view, so he is always motivated and working to develop them by transferring his experiences to them and training them practically.

He did not overlook the humanitarian aspect of the club's employees, whether at the medical or insurance level for employees, maintaining community participation for workers, adding everything new to the club during his tenure as executive director and working in a team spirit to reach the club to be the name of Talaat Harb Club unique among Egyptian clubs, this was achieved only with the presence of a successful leadership person, with high organizational skills to achieve success and is characterized by the ability to self-management and team management and the ability to arrange tasks with priority where Khalil has a mind Open to business leadership and strategic planning to overcome unexpected challenges facing work and effective communication and has a clear vision for the future and goals intended to advance the club.