Menna Ehab, founder of Medico Digital Marketing Company in the medical field, tells us her inspiring journey.

Menna Ehab, founder of Medico Digital Marketing Company in the medical field, tells us her inspiring journey.

Menna Ehab / age 21 years / fourth year of the Faculty of Medicine and Medico Foundation for Digital Marketing in the medical field.

Menna's dream was not only to get a top college, but she was eager to be one of the first in the republic at the secondary level.

Although Menna's family "her father and mother" work in the medical specialty, they left her free to choose the specialization or field she wanted.

Menna aspired to enter Kasr Aini medicine or complete her medical studies abroad, but she was not successful in that, and she decided to think about completing her studies abroad after completing her undergraduate studies.

Inspiration always comes from the youth.

At the university stage, she was able to provide more than 15 hours of training in the field of first aid to many trainees, and she is continuing until now, and this matter has made her more confident and able to work under pressure.

 "Providing more sessions related to the medical field is always a passion for Minna anyway."

Menna's journey with Medico.

Menna worked in the field of graphic design from high school, and since that time, Menna had a start-up idea, and with time ideas began to form day after day.

She said, "I used to say, 'Why haven't I tried anything else?' Then I heard a video clip of a well-known doctor on social media, 'Sabri,' saying that the idea of the project is based on your relationships. Do this and work, and you will feel change and distinction. So I said to myself, I am establishing a company that serves doctors and their clinics."

After that, Menna was able to gather a team with which the entity would start, "from content writers, designers, marketing, page management, and others..."

She was able to choose a professional team to help her in the mission of the Medico project, who were with her from the days of student activities.

Medico was established in the month of November 2021, since then it has published special jobs and specializations required to work in the company, and unleashed its carefully studied passion since that period.

One of the difficulties that Menna faces is the doctors’ lack of conviction that this “digital marketing” is something useful for their work and the spread of their experience. "

With time, Menna was able to gain more customers and expand in neighboring governorates such as Sohag, Minia and Luxor, and she has a plan for medico to expand in the rest of the governorates.

There was another problem that Menna faced after the presence of clients, which is that doctors do not have a specific time to discuss amending the required content or the post or amending a point in the marketing, as the response may remain pending for weeks.

As for the aspect of studying and reconciling the university with the work of Medico, it was difficult at the beginning of the establishment, but it was able to set plans and times to bring the two together.

One of the most important things that Menna believes in and believes that young people should have this view as well is her saying, "Take a risk, nothing is 100% guaranteed, go on and learn and work hard to reach, put yourself in new experiences, and if you did not reach something, at least you would have tried."