Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”, it’s not about success itself, it’s all about not fearing of trying again. most of us step back from the first challenge we meet in our lives, but others believe that they would live for once and they need to be well deserved for what they want!
The personality we are going to introduce is not that much different from most of all young businessmen but unique. Despite all the obstacles he met, he refused to step back and gave up on his discourage to achieve all the dreams and ambitions he planned to.

Karim Wahid Mohamed, born on 25 April 1989, he graduated from faculty of arts, department of French language, Ain Shams university 2011 which wasn’t Karim’s dream, despite his previous studies in language field specifically French language, Karim wasn’t that willing in this field, but it’s destiny! Panning for something and something else happens which is for a good reason too, who know what is waiting for you? After all, Karim joined the faculty of arts and he used to be an active student while his study and joined many students’ activities as well. After graduation, he worked as a call center agent like many young men do in their first career life, but when Karim got promoted and worked as an HR, he was in the right place, as a result, he had more experience in the HR field by working with many known companies, and held many positions, such as:
• Senior HR recruiter - Stream Global services/Convergys/Concentrix

• HR and Training Manager – StarsTel

• Recruitment consultant - Projekts/France

• Founder - Balance Of Translation
When life was going smoothy, as not expecting storms coming in your way. Karim was exposed to a sudden financial crisis and had to leave work against his will, despite that big surprise he didn’t plan for, he was determined to find a solution in the fastest way to cover his needs, while thinking about all of this, an amazing idea came to his mind, a “translation company” that he will establish with his own management strategy and have his own business finally. 
When Karim was asked about the things that youth need to hear today or a piece of advice to those who are in the beginning of their life, he answered: “people need to give up on giving-up and have faith in God, then in themselves, who knows what future hide for you?” he continued, ‘ i used to have talent but not the determination to use it, maybe I was wrong, I might also wasted many big chances, but later on, I motivated myself by classifying my goals and prepare backup plan which helped me to keep the balance of both my personal and work life’. 
As Karim was asked about his role model, he took a while to think, an activist? A politician? A football player? Even a writer, he declared that he likes Adham Sabri’s writings, but Karim’s role model was something deeper than all of that, it was his faith! And when you have faith in your life, literally you got everything you need to stand for you and your dreams.

Being in the business field especially dealing with the actual market directly turned Karim’s personality, when he became an owner of his company, he begun to look at things differently, to focus on the talent and consider the hard work, he was determined to take his staff issues on his responsibility, dealing with them from a humanity side which in turns widen his vision towards the business and developed his tools to achieve his plans. Briefly, he was applying the part of “Human” from the ‘HR’ position. 

Previously we mentioned that Karim wasn’t much different but unique, what made Karim’s story unique than other stories is his “endless trials”, even when he got disappointed, helpless and defeated, he believed in his capability and realising his worthy, it was easy for him to just give up and let his dreams go away, but he choose the rocked road with an open courageous heart and forced the world to hear his voice.