Who falls and gets up is stronger than who never tried. Don’t fear failure but rather fear not trying.

Who falls and gets up is stronger than who never tried.  Don’t fear failure but rather fear not trying.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.” 
Life is full of ups and downs, just like President Sadat, who is the reference mentality for owner of our biography today.
if you are a true believer, you would never ignore these ups and downs because somehow it rebuilds your personality and evolves your attitudes. One of the most effective concepts in life is to keep trying no matter what happens around. Most of us at some point in his/her life reaches the degree of allowing disappointment and desperation to get in our lives, but only fighters refuse to give up trying and hope for better things to come! Today's example Is a pioneer in a trying area, although he passes throughs many obstacles and struggles, he never accepts the fact of losses and disappointment. For him, it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much effort do you give to reach the stars in your dreams sky! 
Hanafy Mahmoud, born on 18 December 1981, Giza. The coincidence is that his birthday is the date of the UN Arabic Language Day, he graduated from the faculty of law, Cairo university in 2002. He used to love football and he was an active player in university football teams, he might be bright in this area if he continued by following his passion and desire, but destiny had another path for him, maybe he didn’t recognize this at the moment, but later he realized that he meant to be in the HR field and he became a master of its sea! 
Hanafy is a responsible man, his life is full of choices and decisions, he never regrets his sacrifices especially for the people he loves or cares about, his career life is full of great lessons and top achievements that we will mention later, but what makes him as he is now, his attitude and ethics in life, in many times he had the chance to give up on his dreams just to handle another situation that he had nothing to do with except trying to deal with by working harder and develop his skills, so he can move to another phase in his life that helps him to be in places he belongs to. 
He was from a very simple family like most of us, didn’t use the rich life, he used to work hard to get his basic needs, but one day everything changed as he never expected, although he chose to work in many fields during the period of try and error which is known also as the period of discovering yourself, skills, qualifications, etc.  at future generation foundation by BBSA program and with IBM Egypt to be certified for computer science, or through AUC continuing education center to develop computer skills.
After that, the miracle came out! He got the chance to join A- Magrabi Optical, he applied for a sales position, but the founder & General manager of the company "Magdy Mady" had another opinion, the "Godfather" as Hanafy described him, helped him to join as HR an after figuring out the skills that he owns, he thought that Hanafy would best fit in an HR position to lead new generations. It was the bet, accordingly, and with all the courage Hanafy decided to take the risk and begin to figure out what's next? He attended many  trainings and courses such as:   
HR Management Diploma 2008 New Horizons, Management Certificate 2012 Canadian Academy
Human Recourse Certificate 2012 Canadian Academy, HRBP Diploma from SHRM & HRCI 2021, and at the end
MBA 2021 Rome Business school – Italy
In addition, he is internationally certified as ISO 9001/2015 Audit/Lead Auditor.
Plus, a lot of certificates and workshops in management and HR digitalization track “SAP”
Conflict Management, Change & Strategic Management, Talents Competencies & Potential, Social Insurance, 
Compensation & Benefits workshops.
As you can see, these all are expensive courses, it requires high cost, it was a critical situation for Hanafy, to be a married man with family responsibilities, a businessman who has an image that needs branding, and finally a passionate student who never gives up his thirsty for knowledge and search! He chose to learn a new skill to adapt to his new situation, he learned a good lesson in management by learning how to manage his affairs and as usual, he succeeded in that!

What makes us unique is not only the achievements but the pain we go through and the struggles we face during our journey, the hardest two situations that Hanafy passed through were when his father and his uncle died in the exams' nights at college time and he didn’t know what exactly to do except let the fate takes its path! And the second when he did everything to get a job and when everything was finally prepared, it didn’t continue for somereason, at this moment he learned a precious lesson which simply is to leave God decides for you as long as you did your best as God asks you to do! 
Hanafy now owns a business "Functions Management Solutions" built upon his ethics and formal business rules and ethics moreover; follow the rules and laws in the HR and Management consultation field, he might have the chance as everyone to go illegally in such fields, but he was determined to be clear with his employees and his customers, he didn’t aim to satisfy his customers when it comes to working on the count of the workers, as he said: " I put God in front of my eyes and follow his instructions". 
When Hanafy was asked, "out of 10/10, how far are you satisfied with the person you are?", he answered with no hesitation: "10/10", this answer tells you a lot about him, but the most important fact is that he never leaves a space for regrets or unlogic mistakes as a visionary person! Who thinks before every step and everything he may enter! Well, it's not a calculator type, but it's built on counts and tools and to be updated with every new detail!
As a new worker or new applicant for a job whatever you are a junior or a senior, you may commit some mistakes while you apply for a job, so Hanafy told us about some of these points, as fresh graduates or above the junior level, " I noticed that most of the young people are unqualified, no specific skills, there is a problem with their attitudes and they don’t give up on their ego! But for the senior level, we provide special training for them to keep them updated and let them know the know-how of our work."
In the end, if we began to talk about the turning points of Hanafy's life we will take much time and it will never be enough, every young man needs to know that pioneers like Hanafy worked hard to achieve their dreams, and unless what people think, they give up on their sleeping for many times, their social life and their private life itself in just to help other people or business to reach their goals and follow their plans so the world became better for all and to make the struggles less for others! 
Learn how to differentiate between when to try and when to give up on something! That’s the whole matter to know exactly when and why!".

I didn't get what I wanted yet, but I definitely won more than I ever expected