Google developer student club create event and hackathon!

Google developer student club create event and hackathon!

You will see in event, free sections in many industries, very useful talks with important speakers.

What’s hackathon?

It’s a camp to build solutions and start implementing them,

It’s goal is to find positive solutions within the framework of the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations using Google tools.. 

Your team to compete with others teams from All over the universities of Egypt must be 4 person.  

Developer Student Clubs Chapter in Damiatta University. Their chapter's mission is to help students learn a wide range of technical skills, bridge the gap between theory & practice and meet other student developers. Their will be holding technical workshops on a variety of topics. The goal of these workshops is to introduce students to developer tools and help them feel comfortable in learning and working on projects outside of the classroom. Diversity and inclusion are one of our top priorities, and anyone, including those with no background in computer science.