The Creative, Skillful Founder of Seraa Store

The Creative, Skillful Founder of Seraa Store

Dare to a big dream, living without dreams is like a body without a soul.

Today, we are talking about Esraa Elgezawy, 27 years old, graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University. She is a founder & designer of Seraa Store. She is a model for many brands like Ossman, Tallah, Jupes & Skirts, Kenz, followed by more than 150,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

In 2017, Esraa started her work as a blogger through her blog, where she gives tips for girls to wear clothes that suit them according to their occasion to be in full elegance. She has a fine taste and a great passion for coordinating clothes in appropriate colors. She shared these tips with her followers, whether for a graduation party, for work, or for outings. These posts were very popular among her followers.

Esraa Elgezawy has started her own business "Seraa Store" as just an idea during the period of university about just a group of her friends and relatives, she was designing some clothes for them that they requested. Then the idea of Seraa Store officially started at the end of 2020. She was able to enter the world of fashion design and was unique from the beginning in choosing designs and solving the problem of lack of clothes suitable for veiled girls. She also works as a model for her brand "Seraa Store".

Esraa’s designs are characterized by rare fabrics and distinctive prints with cheerful colors that overlap each other, giving the girl self-confidence, brilliance and comfort. Her designs vary between dresses, blouses, and skirts, all of which are suitable for veiled girls & non - veiled girls.

She seeks to implement the concept of difference and distinction from the rest of the competitors with best quality of materials and a cheap price to suit all girls from different social classes, and she has made her own fashion line is suitable for outings, family visits, and others.

Within two years, Esraa Elgezawy has been able to compete with distinguished brands in the field. She helped the veiled girls through her store by designing loose clothes that fit them and they don’t need to put more than one piece to complete their outfits, and also worked on making this line is suitable for the different ages so that every woman can buy the right dress, whatever her age.

So, Dreams don't work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.