Hossam Shaban: destiny led marketeer, who reaches great success.

Hossam Shaban: destiny led marketeer, who reaches great success.

Hossam Shaban allowed the ship of his destiny be led by the winds of 

God’s will, and with a heart that knows no regret, eyes that know no fear, and a brain that’s shining with astonishing ideas blooming one by one he rode towards the future.  


Hossam Shaban — who turned 25 years old few months ago – graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, at Helwan University in 2019 with a major in Economy. Hossam is now leading a bright career in digital marketing as a Media Buyer and Performance Marketing Manager.  


No one gets born with a star above their head guiding their every step. We need to find our own star, and Hossam was confused for a long time; for he saw multiple paths ahead of him, but which one holds his future in its corners? 


To meet his star all he had to do is to watch a simple youtube video about multi-potentiality was an eye opener for him. Multi-potentiality is just a fancy word that refers to multi talented people, and Hossam is a multi talented person who enjoys painting, and acting amongst other activities.  


He came to understand more about himself, but his real star was a student activity group he joined when he was a junior student in college. He was assigned to the social media committee, and things magically clicked. It wasn’t easy, and he had a lot to learn, and a lot to work on, but it was worth it.  


Soon, he realized how much he was enjoying working in this field, and decided to lead a career in digital marketing. So, while he was still a university student, he was taking courses into digital marketing, and at the time he had 2 jobs, and almost no sleep at all.  


Being the passionate, hard-working person that he is, he got promoted quickly, until he found the specialization in digital marketing that was so captivating to him. He worked in many institutions, and achieved wonderful results in all of them.  


He worked as a Media Buyer, which is basically being in charge of digital ads, turning them on and off, and he is being responsible for them achieving their goal results.  


Shaban also works as a Performance Marketing Manager, Mand that is a person who monitors the whole marketing process to ensure everything is going smoothly, and if the set marketing plan is facing some problems, he can make changes.  


Shaban has a vision that is beyond mere working in other people’s institutions. He had his own ideas and dreams, and he ached to see them come true. He has 2 projects of his own: Egmarketers, and Mafrrosh.  


His brilliant idea came to life when Egmarketers was born. It’s an online agency that allows marketeers to make accounts on which they display their skills and services, provided that they have taken a theoretical course on digital marketing. It provides different ranks based on the marketer’s skills, and professionalism. The website works as a Chanel through which clients can choose a marketeer.  


His other online agency, Mafrrosh, plays an important role in helping people get around the difficult economic situation we are facing. His agency specializes in selling furniture to people, and it helps in minimizing the gap between how much the construction of an item costs, VS how much money it costs the client.  


Passion is his key ingredient in the recipe to success, and yes! One will still get exhausted, but he will be able to bear it, and even enjoy the work they are doing. As for his secret ingredient in this guaranteed recipe, it’s to always be confident that God will always pave your paths and light up your destined roads.