"Gamal Abdul-Nasser", 25 years of Bachelor of Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University,

"Gamal Abdul-Nasser", 25 years of Bachelor of Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University,

"When it comes to the passion to reach, circumstances are just an argument", "Gamal Abdul-Nasser", from a fan of  yogi game to a Frontend Developer in the world of programming.

"Gamal Abdul-Nasser", 25 years of Bachelor of Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University, works as a Frontend developer and freelancer in the programming field.

"And because the pleasure of arriving at the end erases the fatigue of hardship in the beginning", "Gamal" started his career a little early as a construction worker in the Smart Village at about the age of 14, and then worked in the sale and maintenance of mobile phones.

As for programming, "Gamal" explained " that period was just an aspiration and he did not know whether this field would have its own profession in the future".

"Gamal" learned programming in the primary stage, and that was during the times of the spread of interest in forums and their emergence. And the establishment of a forum for the game, but every time Jamal was not satisfied with the result he reached compared to other forums, until he found someone talking about the forums having to do with learning programming, but he was not interested in that in a sufficient way despite his fascination with what he saw in front of him.

Over time, "Gamal" realized that these forums could be created through code, and from that point he began to know that there is a so-called "programming" language.

Unfortunately, "Gamal" at that time did not have a Mentor, so he had to learn what he needed just until he figured out how to make his own website.

Among the sites that "Gamal" started learning through, we schools, using the google translator site, due to the difficulty of translating the English language in that period of the preparatory stage, in addition to studying the episodes that were presented on YouTube by a programmer called "Adam Khoury" and others, until he reached the study of programming from Through Egyptian engineers, including "Youssef Ismail", "Ibrahim Qudeih", "Ahmed Siam" and others.

In 2016, "Gamal" began finding people specialized in the field to learn from in Egypt, until he arrived to work as a freelancer in the programming field.

Among those people who benefited from studying through them are a group of engineers, most notably "Ibrahim Qudeih", "Abdullah Eid" and "Yusef Ismail".

The "Trident" Forum is one of the forums that "Gamal" was interested in following his passion for, as he was constantly following up on projects that programmers were doing and publishing through it.

And over time, "Gamal" got to know engineer Osama Mohamed before creating his own channel in the field of programming, "elzero web school."

"Osama Muhammad" was considered among the people who made Jamal move in a professional manner in the field.

At the present time, "Gamal" accompanies learning programming through engineer "Ahmed Nasser Al-Siddiq" and the role model in the field, as he put it.

At the beginning of his career, "Gamal" designed a social

 media site, a Quran site, and "Ramadan schedule" using ready-made templates.

Those beginnings weren't enough for "Gamal", so he had to do something, Beyond that, he decided to learn programming from scratch as ph, css, html.

And when "Gamal" began to delve deeper into the field of programming, he realized that he needed to start over, because there are basics in that field that must remain firmly established at the beginning of our study of it.

And because the field of programming is a multidisciplinary field, "Gamal" specialized in the field of web and the web as a frontend developer, but at the beginning of his work as a programmer, he focused on a full stack developer, but his feeling of being distracted and not knowing to focus on one direction decided to specialize as a front end developer due to the proximity of the field to him In addition, other areas such as mobile development, desktop development, AI and others, because it depends on the Javascript language, which is almost included in most areas of programming, he said.

With regard to the training aspect of programming, "Gamal" said" that working as a trainer was not an easy thing, as it required time in preparation, montage, sound improvement, script preparation, and others", until he made his way to "Eraasoft".

At that time he took a course with engineer "Ahmed Nasser" and then continued to learn teaching methods At his hands to distinguish his style, and after completion, "Gamal"  was appointed as an assistant with engineer "Ahmed Nasser" in "Eraasoft", and he held some additional lectures belonging to the center, which received an excellent reaction from the trainees.

As a result, he decided to establish the first free course in programming in his country, Mansouriya, and the result was positive.

One of the recent projects that "Gamal"  has undertaken in the field is the design of a system for managing education centers for companies teaching the Arabic language and the Noble Qur’an for foreigners in particular and for online education companies in general, and it will be sold soon.

"Gamal" is also currently working on a new project, which is establishing a website through which anyone can create their own website without writing code, similar to wix, quilt.

From "Gamal's point of view in programming at the present time, that the field has begun to take its right more than before, and that people’s interest in it has become an alternative to the bubble of top colleges. The person will not stop when he is not accepted into the College of Computing, but can compensate for that through online and offline education In places where it is available, parents began to advise their children in this field.

The state is currently providing fully-funded grants in programming and similar fields, the most famous of which are the egyfwd grant and the Ashbal Egypt digital mission for children, he said.

This is a beautiful step from  "Gamal's  point of view, because it provides more awareness in the field of programming.

Not only is the programming field that takes Gamal's thinking space, but he also loves to explore other fields such as psychology, and read about startups.

"Gamal"  made it clear that the next person in this field should possess several qualities, the most important of which is his love for the field and not imitating others. So he said that" Programmers encounter many problems, in that case, any programmer must be patient, and patience comes through a person's love and passion for development.

" He should not be dependent, looking for the solution to the problem he faces without waiting for anyone, He must be able to organize his time, as Gamal explained, there are times when the programmer combines learning, work, and problem solving, and a person may reach severe depression if he cannot succeed in organizing his affairs and his time, and this is one of the degrees that hit Gamal as he explained She is now recovering from it.

One of the important points in Gamal's  opinion for every programming person is that he should be close to God, because he is the one who facilitates all his affairs.

One of the most prominent difficulties that Jamal faced at the beginning was self-learning, as he did not have anyone by his side in that field, so it took him more times than usual.

But the result was that he searches for the information he wants and learns what he needs without relying on another.

The other thing when he started working as a programmer, the parents didn't have enough information about that field, so he was rejected due to his young age and his preoccupation with his studies. One that works through the Internet and earns money.

Gamal's  family accepted his insistence on programming and turned from rejection of the idea to support and assistance, especially his mother and brothers.

The problem of time management was among the effects that are still continuing with Jamal, but by the grace of God he was able to go a long way and benefit more.

"Gamal" believes in the idea that every diligent person has an access point that may be beyond his goal, and man has no hand in what he reaches without God's grace and grace.

In the end, "Gamal" aspires to become one of the influential in the field of programming in the world in terms of making programming the largest assistant in a way that it is not now, and to make a breakthrough that changes the shape of the world in the future.